To The Victors Go The Doyle: Before Mat, There Was Scott
When Pete Was Green
by dean adams
Tuesday, February 22, 2005

'There's little doubt in my mind that Scott Russell became the '93 WSC champ because he was in a Peter Doyle-led team.' -- Aaron Slight
image by dean adams
Little known fact: Scott Russell and Rob Muzzy's history-making 1993 World Superbike championship, which remains the only World Superbike championship won by an in-line four, has its fingers in the present day.

In 1992 Kawasaki Australia ran the Kawasaki World Superbike team, with 'king of the paddock scoundrels' Rob Phillis as Team Green's rider.

For'93 the Kawasaki World Superbike team was a joint venture between Kawasaki USA (through Muzzy's) and Kawasaki Australia. Many of the personnel on the '93 team came from the '92 Aussie effort, including crewchief Peter Doyle. Doyle's contributions to the team that year were many.

Of course Peter Doyle is the long-standing crewchief of five-time Superbike champion Mat Mladin's side of the factory Suzuki team.

In fact, members of that legendary '03 Kawasaki effort can still be found in the paddock, including Gary Medley, who was then Russell's personal mechanic, and Reg O'Rourke who also spun wrenches for Russell.

Medley is now Eric Bostrom's crechief on the Ducati Austin effort, while O'Rourke is Mat Mladin's mechanic.


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