Better Than Barbara Walters: "If You Could Name Three, What Three Would They Be?
by dean adams
Thursday, July 25, 2013

'Ahhhh ....' factory Ducati rider Andrea Dovizioso needed a moment of thought before he could name three things his factory Ducati does well at Laguna.
image by willy ivins
At Laguna Seca MotoGP last weekend, someone asked Andrea Dovizioso to name three things that his factory Ducati does well. The list of faults the bike is millstone'd with is lengthy and fairly well known. How about the bike's qualities--it must have some. Right?

Caught off guard, Dovizioso needed a moment to compile three qualities of his Ducati.

"Three? Three!?," he asked, his face revealing that he felt this might be quite a job.

"Okay, it does shifting good. The gearbox is good. Also, the brakes are quite good but only in a straight line, not on the entry to the corner."

That's two.

Pushed to consider top speed as one of the bike's qualities, Dovizioso grudgingly admitted that his Ducati's top speed is one of its qualities. Sort of.

"Just at the end of the straight," he said, "then we are close to the fastest bikes."

Then he said nothing at all.


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