Soup's Top 10 Stories of 2016. #8 Cameron Beaubier Wins MotoA' Title
by staff
Monday, January 02, 2017

Cameron Beaubier Wins MotoAmerica Title from the Sidelines

The fact that Cameron Beaubier won his second MotoAmerica Superbike title wasn't a surprise, in fact it was expected, but rather it was the way he won the championship in the last race of the season that made it so dramatic.

Beaubier went into the final race of the season at New Jersey Motorsports Park with a seemingly safe 22-point lead in the standings. All the Yamaha man had to do was pretty much finish the final race and the No. 1 plate would be his again. Then the unthinkable. With eight laps to go

Beaubier's Yamaha died and wouldn't re-start. He rolled to a stop back in the far reaches of the circuit and sat on a guardrail unable to hear the P.A., or see the scoring screens, - all he had was the visual of his teammate Josh Hayes battling the two Yoshimura Suzuki riders, Toni Elias and Roger Hayden, in the closing stages as they sped by each lap.

Beaubier then became the Suzuki riders biggest fan. The needed to stay in front of Hayes for him to win the title and fortunately for Beaubier they did.

"I honestly didn't know exactly how many laps were left because I didn't have any live feed or any live timing out there or anything," Beaubier said of his agonizing wait on the wall. "I was just kind of sitting there. Honestly, I was so nervous I didn't even want to watch the race because I was like, 'I can't believe that just happened to me.' I know how strong Josh (Hayes) has been all weekend, along with Roger (Hayden) and Tony (Elias). Man, I don't ever want to root against my teammate but when I saw Tony and Roger ahead of Josh, I wasn't bummed. I will say that. I love you, Josh, but I'm sorry."

Beaubier is re-signed to Yamaha for MotoAmerica again for 2017.


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