Terry Poovey Fan Club?
by staff
Wednesday, January 04, 2017

A lot of left foot experience in this image. From left to right, Larry Pegram, Terry Poovey, Bubba Shobert, the late Sandy Rainey and Wayne Rainey.
image by mitch friedman

This image, from the San Jose Mile in 1991, shows a group of well-known racers stopping for a quick shot. In the photo are (l to r) Larry Pegram, Terry Poovey, Bubba Shobert, Sandy Rainey and Wayne Rainey. When we asked photographer Mitch Friedman if there was any particular occasion for taking this photo or if it was just an impromptu photo opportunity that presented itself, he couldn't recall.

One notable thing is that Shobert and Sandy Rainey (along with Terry himself) are wearing Terry Poovey t-shirts, so maybe this was a gathering of the Terry Poovey fan club!

Pegram was a young pro at this point just getting his career started. Poovey a veteran flat track campaigner, who had won his first national all the way back in 1976. Shobert, of course, was the flat tracker, turned road racer, who made it all the way to a full-time ride in the Grand Prix circuit by 1989, but unfortunately had his racing career cut short by a freak accident on the cool-down lap at the '89 USGP at Laguna Seca. Sandy Rainey was a winning scrambles racer on the local SoCal circuit in the 1960s, but is best known for being the dad of three-time World Champion Wayne Rainey.

When this shot was taken Wayne Rainey was coming off his first 500cc Grand Prix World Championship in 1990 and was beginning yet another winning campaign in '91.

What this photo shows is that Friedman saw an opportunity for a very rare group shot and made it happen and now we get to enjoy this rare image over 25 years later.


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