Soup Vists NZ Shrine To Burt Munroe & That Fast Indian
images by tim huntington

Reps of Soup recently spent some time 'in the NZ' (New Zealand) on holiday. While there, they made a pilgrimage to the 'World's Fastest Indian' shrine/exhibit in Invercargill, NZ. This is the hand painted logo on the side of one of the replicas built for the movie.

Burt Munro was from Invercargill and the exhibit is housed in a local hardware store.

This is the movie replica surrounded by a motorcycle chain barrier. Don't forget to pick up a new chain saw while there.

Also, a 1991 Honda RS250. Ring ding, ding, ding.

Giving new life to the '70s race term 'mail box front end'. Shopping baskets, bikes and lawnmowers sharing floorspace.

For an optional donation to a local children's charity, you can try one of the replicas on for size - it's tiny!

There was a glassed in cabinet full of burned pistons and broken rods with the title 'Offerings to the God of Speed' AKA 'Stuff Which Broke'.

The original 1920 Indian as raced by Burt Munro. The star of the collection is in a glass case.

Crutchlow's number, yes. Burt Munro's original 1920 Indian, without its trademark streamliner bodywork.

Another Burt Munro original, a 1936 Velocette MSS. Crude? Yes. Cool? Yes.

Munro influence isn't limited to the hardware store, the city park has a memorial statue too.

Covering three buildings, the E. Hayes Hammer Hardware store is many a gearheads idea of utopia with its collection of cars and motorcycles mixed in with its power tools. The collection is free to view during normal store hours.


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