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King Kenny to celebrate

Ansel Adams said if your photos aren't good enough you're not close enough. So we stood three feet from Rich Oliver while he zoomed past on an R6
Yates back home after trip to Kieffer's clinic

Motorcycle news for today

Today's motorcycle news

Who has the lap record at Elkhart or Pikes? Find out here

Harrison @ Aintree

It's going to take a big-ass stocking ... updated
Brit TV producer dies in plane crash

BOMBSHELL: Santa's sleigh fails AMA tech inspection, Christmas in doubt
Hacking has MRI reviewed by Ting as result of Daytona fall

Book Review: Foggy
Interview: Chuck Miller, Honda's new team manager
Dan Coe tests the 2001 Yamaha R6

Old age and treachery ...
Pegram and CompAcc Ducati happy with Dunlop test
Now is the time on Soup when we dance
Stan Fox dead at 48

Daytona winner DuHamel has successful operation
Ben and Troy finish test at Valencia
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MH900 Ducati hailed as one of best designs of 2000
Road Atlanta test canceled
Bostrom, Hodgson and Bayliss at Valencia
Read it here first: Mike Ross tests the 2001 Honda CBR600F4i

Walker steps aside
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Honda rider Kurtis Roberts profiled

Mr. Doyle comes to America

Late News Yates out of surgery, details here
Szoke to ride in the US
2001 F-USA Schedule here
Russell sore but happy upon leaving Daytona
Gobert says nothing is impossible
Now, Aaron, I want you to count backwards from 100 ...
What to get that hard to buy for Schwantz fan for Christmas
Schwantz on Suzuki's Dunlop test 

Rathwell @ Daytona
Macau GP on TV
Action photos from Daytona Dunlop tire test
We're taking today off ...

Honda Disappointed
Kocinski Rips Around Daytona
Daytona Supersport Times
Daytona Superbike Times
Wednesday afternoon photos from Daytona Dunlop tire test
DuHamel crashes 600
Wednesday tech briefing from Daytona
With two to go, Mladin and Suzuki still have bragging rights
Russell lapping, Rapp crashing
Wed AM photos from inside the walls of DIS
Medley recalls the day he and Ashmead won the Daytona 200
With sun high in sky, Mladin turns up the pace
Jim Allen tells the tale of testing
Warm, sunny, with fast times on the way
Gobert talks about 180mph burnouts
Tuesday notes and general observations from Daytona 
Slick Bass gets his wish (caution, he uses the F-word)

Scoop on Suzuki's telemetry system (Fixed)
Tuesday photos from Daytona
Mladin, Kocinski top tuesday times
Kawasaki 600 blows the pitlane away
Superbike wrench Fasola on Daytona tuning
Superbikes on a semi-dry racetrack
Satire by Ohlin: the truth about Zeppo Davidson, the brother Harley-Davidson never talks about
Notes and quotes from the Speedway
All wet
Mike Hale on his future and past
Gobert takes you for a lap of the Speedway
Nicky Hayden on the Japanese experience

Rumor control: JK to get dirty; Tripp to go straight?
Trackside report from Daytona International Speedway
Kocinski and Mladin fast at Speedway
Monday afternoon photos from DIS
Monday afternoon notes from Daytona
Monday morning photos from DIS
Russell says Ducati key to win number six
Yates out with broken leg
Track drying, cool stuff comes out
Dunlop tire test starts today @ Daytona
First test 2001 Suzuki GSX-R1000

More Super Motard pictures
Hayden and Roberts test at Suzuka
Bostrom shows Biaggi how it's done (now with pictures)
AMA and WERA to join hands

Edwards & Honda test at Phillip Island

The legend of Yamaha's TZ700/750 
Ducati's press release on departure of Massimo Bordi
Scoop: Carr, Blackman's, Aprilia, F-USA
Hale. Not.
Bombshell II: Bordi leaves Ducati

Nobody we know died today (no link)
Read the Universal/Honda details here
Harley-Davids on says they're in this to win
Professional rider depicted
Ryo to ride at Daytona
Satire by Ohlin: Bostrom tests 2001 Tweeden

Marty Kane dies
One less Twin @ Daytona
200 bikes for sale, jobs at AGV, Fox & Muzzy's in our Classifieds
New AMA Roadrace Rules for 2001
Scoop: Pridmore to Attack

Joe Parkhurst dies
Tweeden. Bostrom. Raw Fish.
Slight and NCR pairing not in the cards
Propeller caps in the pit lane, by evan williams

Sccop II Farne to NCR Ducati
Scoop: Nicky Hayden will test RC51 at Suzuka tomorrow
It's Bostrom, Bayliss against Pasta Central
Brands future, & Whitham says car racers wear panties
Benelli moves to WSC in 2001

Mladin and Suzuki solid through 2003
Edwards on testing at Eastern Creek, Aussie dollar slide
Edwards tests Brembo brakes at Australian test
Stolen tires help to ruin Castrol Honda test

Schwantz calls, speaks of future with Suzuki
Benchracing: what's true, what's not
Will traction control cure Suzuki's WSC woes?

Off with their heads!
Rapp bringing his cross over
Lawson gets trophy, smiles
Suzuki release answers some questions
Edwards' Creek test notes and quotes

Dave Roy is Ducati's man in the US
Edwards is up (at) the Creek
Pridmore's GSX-R1000 FE ride up in the air
Scoop: Yates to race Crossover Supercross race

Order a yellow Soup shirt and if you're ever lost at sea your chances of being rescued are increased by 15%
Scoop: Ben and Troy ride bikes with bumpy tires
Szoke in, Nobles out at Bell County

Wheelie King is no more
Satire by Ohlin: God deemed it so

Scott Russell talks history (his)

The newest in Japanese police apprehension devices
Sell your bike, buy a bike, or just peruse vintage crap here
Former Excelsior-Henderson exec leaves Apple

More on Ducati's auto shifter

Magoo and Tony at Willow
Reggie slaps Jeff, Judge slaps Reggie
Oliver to turn fifty

Release reveals Suzuki's GP4 intentions
Walter and William created not only a motorcycle company, but also a giant money machine
FIM release either says a lot, or nothing, you be the judge
AMASoup goes to Scott Russell's house, he spills his guts

Offend your co-workers by wearing an AMASoup t-shirt

Read it here first: Gobert in action at Willow

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A bold look sideways: 2001 to be the year of the Twin
Macau GP Results

Big hands, big nothing
Quotes from Ben, Troy @ Valencia test
Macau GP shows strength of R1 Yamaha, American Miller in action
Edwards continues to win important races
Buckmaster gets Yamaha ride

Bostrom on Dunlops @ Valencia
See it here first: Corse's new shiftless Superbike

Making every lap count
The fight against thong-clad boob queens

Gordon Jennings 1931-2000
Kawasaki Televison
And the winner is ...

Kocinski to join Ducati team, say insiders
Yeller 'Prillas
Green flames 
Gob and Mac do knobbies

Rick Oestricher remembers Steve McLaughin (who is actually not dead)
From Features: Ed Youngblood remembers Bill Boyce
Goin' to the Chapel (Then Straight to Japan)

Bimota engineer selling his Vdue
Crevier to stay in land of Strange Brew
Formula Extreme back out at Daytona
Just a Slight Tornado

Scoop: Hansen hires dream crew to back his Ducati team
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Waldmann to test Aprilia, team with Corser?
Russell wakes the dead
Vance and Hines not to run Pridmore on 2001 GSX-R1000
Read it here first: McGrath to test R6 at Willow Springs
Attention American Citizens: Florida election debacle to be solved using Daytona security guards, a special report by Ohlin Metzeler

Read it here first: Vance and Hines & Harley-Davidson in 2001
Evan writes about Gobert's past and his future
Walker shrugs off GP offer for Suzuki WSC ride
Take it on the run baby
Ducati tests in Spain, without Bostrom
2000 was a tough season for some in motorcycle media

Fuzz-man mulls over return to AMA in 01
The mystery of Dublin solved for you
The fact that he finds this intriguing speaks volumes
He never saw it coming
Gobert in LA, training for 2001

We take the day off to let the other lame-ass sites catch up

Our free as air classifieds are here
Motegi results

Average finishing position from 2000 AMA Superbike season
American Supercamp web cam live this weekend
RC45 again beats RC51 in qualifying at Motegi; Bostrom 13th

Broadc aster Evans dies in Vegas hotel room
Bill Heald rides the 2000 ZX-6R

2001 GSX-R600 dyno test yields 103 horsepower, stock
It's still cool to be Eddie Lawson
Doyle to join Yoshimura Suzuki?
Haga back on a Superbike
Suzuki hot to sign Mladin for two more years as well

Roger Lee Hayden signed to Erion Honda team for 2001
Honda Appoints New Racing Manager
If you bookmarked this you wouldn't have to keep asking where it is on the site
Gobert to test Yamahas

Hale may ride, may do TV 
On-line Victory
Aaron Slight and NCR to team for 2001?

Scoop: Eric Bostrom to race final Japanese Superbike round
Suzuki's Daytona test adds to their war chest

Fuel-injected GSX-R600 up to speed @ Daytona
Suzuki signs Aaron Yates through 2003

It's Official: Haga &Yamaha pull out of WSC

2001 AMA Superbike silly season/cage match  update
Evan Williams remembers The Fog

Al Gore: outlaw tuxedo-wearing motorcycle daredevil
Scoop: Yoshimura Suzuki to test at Daytona
Bore. Ha. 
Read it here first: Okada replaces Slight at Castrol

Yamaha loaded for bear in 2001
No Aprilia AMA Superbike team in 2001
Rival teams absorb Vance and Hines wrench-twirlers
Dow Jones numbers say Yamaha is kicking butt

Readers vent their spleens on Haga and Yamaha (long)
If Tripp was meant to fly, he would have been born with wings
Just like Big Bro?

Yamaha to drop out of World Superbike in 2001?
2000 AMA Superbike by the numbers
Text from Ducati Corse release on their 2001 riders
Final F-USA points for 2000 season
F-USA Daytona reports from F-USA
SFX/F-USA Daytona results
Read it here first: 2001 Ducati Corse WSC riders are  ...

Old motorcycle racing books continue to climb in value
First in a series
Bikes we can't stop thinking about: 2001 ZRX1200R
Scoop: Steve Rapp signs with Ducati

Classifieds are here
Ducati denies the departure of Massimo Bordi
Texans can greet the plane of Edwards tomorrow
Honda to sell customer Superbikes in 2001

Bostrom's manager says ...
Bostrom rumors intensify, may run own  Ducati WSC team in 2001
Excelsior-Henderson decides to take a year off, then get serious about life

10.17.00 talks to Corser. Dale Corser
Read it here first: 2001 Suzuki GSX-R600 test

Quotes from Brands Hatch
Dorna and Quokka to split?

Brands Hatch Sunday photos
Edwards breaks Brit dominance at Brands, removes clothes
Second race results, final World Superbike championship points
Kawasaki re-signs current team. Where will BenBoz go?
Ducati wins World Superbike Constructor's Championship
Race Two Brands Report
Brands Race One Report
RACE ONE BRANDS: Another who needs Foggy? headline in the making

Brands Hatch Saturday Quotes
Almost 90 bikes for sale in our FREE classifieds
Brands Hatch Saturday photos
Superpole rundown from Brands Hatch
Hodgson on pole at Brands, report  from man on scene
Edwards gets plenty of eBay mad money
Brands Superpole declared wet
Edwards re-signs with Castrol Honda for 2001
Steve Schiebe remains at team VR 1000
Aprilia and Corser still fastest at Brands Hatch

Harley-Davidson names new director of racing
Friday photos from Brands Hatch
Satire by Ohlin: Haga suspended for two weeks of off-season
Corser still fast after first qualifying @ Brands
Corser fastest in wet practice @ Brands
Release from Yamaha on Haga Ruling
World champion Colin Edwards II on 2000 season, Haga
Surprise: it's wet at Brands Hatch

Mike Smith Officially Joins H-D Superbike Effort
AMA Superbike Silly season page updated
Fogarty reflects on career, and the other guy
Damon Buckmaster talks about 2000 season, prospects for 2001
Report: Case closed against Hayden clan
Read it here first: Haga suspended for three weeks, says CAS

Woman on same flight as Haydens disputes airline charges, says Nick Hayden read magazines, worked on laptop

Scoop: Gobert signs with Yamaha US
Before we all jump on the Nicky is an air-terrorist bandwagon ...
Leonard on the AMA, Lawson, Gobert
2001 AMA Superbike Silly Season Update

More Ducati go-go dancing details
Leonard on Ducati, Bostrom, Kocinski Interview: Jim Leonard
Formula Extreme to be added to Daytona 200 weekend?
Hayden third

Russell & Ducati

And the winner is ...
The good news: AP does a report on Haydens, the bad news: it involves the FBI
Shake your Desmos
Interview, Mitch Hansen, owner of the HMC Ducati team

Jim Allen's Dunlop tire comments from Willow
Satire by Ohlin: Key AMA Laptop stolen, new points system in peril

Need Wallpaper? Click here
AMA Superbike champions 1976-2000
Willow Springs, by the numbers
None of this is true. Yet.

Tom Kipp gets fixed, digs deep

The Amazing Career of Doug Chandler
Hacking signs with Suzuki for 2001/2002
Hacking walks away from savage Willow crash
Ben Bostrom on what happened in Willow crash
Pro Thunder Willow Springs results and season points
Superbike Willow Springs results and season points
250 Grand Prix Willow Springs results and season points
Pro Honda Oils 600 Supersport complete results and final points

Brief Willow post-race notes
Kocinski's first AMA Superbike podium in how many years?
Bombshell: HMC to run second Ducati Superbike team in 2001
Top ten Superbike results
Willow Springs race to Hayden, championship to Mladin
Picotte finishes season on ground, sliding
DuHamel out too
Ben Bostrom highsides out of lead
Oliver wins race, Sorensen title in 250 GP
Roberts, thanks to Honda, thanks to Yamaha
Hacking: I get paid to win races
Bostrom angry at Hacking for contact
Honda and Roberts Win 600 Supersport Championship!
In 1977 Chuck Sorensen was five years old
Chandler leads Sunday morning Superbike practice
Oliver just 1.5 seconds faster than entire grid in 250 practice
Sleepless in Kawi-ville
Nick Hayden has fastest 600 in race day morning practice
Willow Springs purse information
Willow Springs 750 Supersport Results & Final Points
Willow Springs Formula Extreme Results & Final Points

Hayden feels championship hopes slipping away
Eric Bostrom puts the Kawasaki on the pole in HP4 600 Supersport
Rapp pokes fun at Kocinski
Ben Bostrom says tomorrow is going to be fun
Kurtis second to EBoz in 600 Supersport ... will it be enough?
Tommy Hayden leaving Yamaha for HD?  Anyway, he's on the front row
Steve Rapp speaks randomly from Willow about his first pole
Willow Springs Random Notes
Willow Springs Superbike pole to ...
DuHamel to race Supersport in 2001
Russell on Foggy, 2001 and Yamaha
Respect your elders
Pegram struggles @ Willow Springs
Wind blows other way in Saturday practice, new Ducati rider fast

Friday notes: fines, Mat sez, Nicky sez, plus, an apperance by The King
Ben Bostrom says fence tan would have killed him
Eric Bostrom gives the Kawi the whip
Steve Rapp on provisional pole @ Willow Springs
Rich Oliver on 250 title, 2001
And HP4 600 Supersport too
Hayden leads Friday AM Superbike practice at Willow Springs
PACE/FUSA on CBS this weekend
AMA job openings

How an 85 pound Romanian gymnast tore a hole through Nori Haga's appeal

Not the guy from that photograph
Help for motorcycles that cannot be abandoned successfully
Honda's e-commerce strategy remains unknown
2001 GSX-R600 sounds promising
Polen condition updated
And the winner is ... 
2001 AMA Superbike Schedule

Matt Wait to make racing return @ Willow Springs
No news is hopefully good news
Chandler back on DOTs for the weekend
Bill Heald road tests the 2000 Ducati 996

Willow Springs AMA Superbike Preview
Rich Oliver eats his young
Brivio to Ducati? SURVEY SAYS!
Hayden sixth in latest run with the men with clanking feet
Edwards: Fogarty brings close to an era

Buckmaster on Chaparral 2001
The latest edition of AMA Superbike silly season
Satire by Ohlin: All for Willow
Foggy in the news in UK
Smith to VR Team?

Confirmed: Vance and Hines to run Benny Boz @ Willow
Chaparral goes where in 2001?
Hacking joins Yoshimura Suzuki
Fogarty Retires

Fogarty to retire because he can't, or doesn't want to?
Mladin on Bostrom's presumed return at Willow
Only a year late
Corse test at Mugello: behind the scenes

Honda drops DuHamel and Hayden from 01 Supersport duties
Exclusive photos from the Mugello test
Fogarty test at Mugello goes poorly for Carl

2001 Honda RC51 to remain largely same as 2000
Fogarty takes what do you want to do with your life quiz
First Look:  2001 GSX-R1000, a threat to the R1 crown?
First Look: 2001 GSX-R600, fuel injected, 359 pounds, dry

Evan talks to Kawasaki's boss
Kawasaki re-signs Eric Bostrom for 2001

Gobert back with Ducati in US in 2001?

Rumor of the day: Hacking to Suzuki
Ducati's new Testa' engine; it'll mean new rev-limiters for the boys in red
2001 CBR929 Erion Replica
Honda debuts new fuel-injected 600 for US dealers

Neil FREAKIN' Hodgson?!?
More 2001 Ducatis
Direct from the Intermot show in Munich, the 2001 Suzuki GSX-R600 and GSX-R1000. Will we get them in US? Unknown

Ducati Updates 996SPS with 2001 996RS
Jim Allen on tires at Willow Springs
Check Out Kawasaki's New Race Shop

Gobert to ride Virgin Yamaha in BSB
Yamaha Unleashes 2001 Sport Bikes
Oschersleben Rider Quotes

Oschersleben WSC Wallpaper Images
Yamaha refuses to concede the WSC title
Paddock rumor has it Fogarty will test at Mugello in two weeks time
Not our fault
Edwards claims WSC title, quotes from podium
Race Two from Germany
Satire by Ohlin: Local Ruskie rider pulls Crazy Ivan
Up in Smoke?
Oschersleben Race One Results
We have ways of making you shut off your vintage pile
Edwards continues to be fast 

SuperPole Quotes from Germany
BOMBSHELL: Kawasaki &  Ducati join GPMA, form new Motorcycle Sport Assn.
Haga crashes out of SuperPole, find out who's fast here
Corser sets new track record in SuperPole warm-up
Top five bikes are Twins from German qualifying
Action photos for your desktop
Vance and Hines Ducati test at Willow Springs
Ben Bostrom update from Germany

Friday quotes from Oschersleben
Honda creates Superbike team to keep Roberts for two years
R7 Heaven in Germany
Edwards happy with "new" RC51
Friday photos from Oschersleben (which is in Germany)
Ducati race boss Claudio Domenicali on AMA Superbike and the '01 Daytona 200

With three AMA national championships to be decided in the final round, tension mounts. Being reporters, we ask the question on the minds of everyone who follows the series: Will Hacking’s girlfriend be at Willow? 
A special report by Ohlin Metzeler

Bayliss on provisional pole in Germany
Edwards fastest in practice in Germany
Those Commie bastards and racing, an in-depth look

Give yourself that warm Fuzz(y) feeling: read a Steven Crevier interview
Sorry to ruin your Spanish holiday, but ...
Haga gets reinforcements for this weekend
Roberts still unsigned
Tardozzi on Bimota
Here's your 2000 AMA Superbike silly-season cheat sheet

German WSC Preview
Yamaha's R7, naked

Finally a true motorcycle controller for Playstation and PC
World Superbike race same day as Daytona 200?

Injury report from Assen on Bayliss & Chili
Parker wins Springfield, Hayden rides Honda
Rainey blasts current crop of GP riders

Yamaha protests Honda at Assen
Saturday report from Springfield Mile
Rider quotes from Assen
Edwards exasperated by Slight's finishing position
More Photos from Assen
Race Two a barn burner
Race One Notes from Assen
Race One Results from Assen
Superbike warm-up all wet, all Haga
Ducati Corse All Access

World Superbike quotes from Assen
We have ways of making you talk
Perfect timing
Edwards on SuperPole as Slight wows the crowd
Don't like the weather? Hang around, it'll change
Polen back in hospital
Hacking and Barrick at Assen
Chili breaks Assen lap record set by Foggy

Late at Assen and pressure mounts
Nicky Hayden wins Springfield short track, Matheny tells of
Friday Quots from Assen
Friday Photos from Assen
Yamaha Entering Musclebike Wars?
Thursday Photos from Assen
First qualifying results from Assen here
Edwards fast in the wet, Bostrom now able to spell "fogged faceshield"


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