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  • The 12 biggest Superbike stories of 2001
  • Pay off your X-Mas credit card bills by selling all that crap in your garage in Soup's free Classifieds
  • Buster and Alice's boy turns the big five-oh
  • 12.28.01

  • '93 500 champion Kevin Schwantz rates Nick Hayden
  • Nick Hayden: it's never too early to start the silly season
  • 12.27.01

  • Segway: Groundbreaking New Form of Transportation, or Mass Transit for Tree Huggers? (poll)
  • 12.26.01

  • Expletive Deleted: Look Who's Not Coming Back to Dinner
  • 12.24.01

  • Yamaha US will get R7 support in 2002
  • 12.23.01

  • We bring back that Christmas classic, "It's a Wonderful Pit Lane" starring Nick Hayden as young George Bailey
  • 12.21.01

  • While you enjoy a week off for Christmas, Honda makes Kurtis Roberts work for his $25k a month
  • 12.20.01

  • Corser to sign with Foggy before X-Mas?
  • AMASoup Interview: Mike Hale
  • Rossi's beard-growing genes were sacrificed for riding talent of the Gods genes
  • 12.19.01

  • Vale Billy Oliver
  • BIR in the news again
  • Rossi's missing mojo was actually in Australia
  • Daniel Coe rides the 2002 Ducati 998
  • 12.18.01

  • Foggy signs Brit James Haydon
  • 12.17.01

  • Bombshell: chicks dig Ben
  • Kipp to have dual arm surgery this week
  • Who was the best tire tester of all time?
  • Proprietary Information
  • 12.14.01

  • More tire test images from the tire test
  • A few moments with Nick Hayden's crewchief, Merlyn Plumlee
  • UPDATED: 2 World Champs for 1 Autographed Schwantz prints for X-mas have new inscriptions from The Man (it's fixed now)
  • Regis gives final answer, gets plum GP1 ride
  • Throw the cuffs on him, copper
  • Nasty DOT flashback causes Soup army to stop dreaming and exclaim "WTF?!"
  • Hayden blasts lap record using creaky, outdated 2001 machine
  • 12.13.01

  • More Dunlop tire test images
  • Ducati Corse Complete Valencia Test
  • Even More Daytona Quotes
  • 12.12.01

  • Kurtis Roberts Daytona Quotes
  • Nicky Hayden Daytona Quotes
  • Eric Bostrom Daytona Quotes
  • Anthony Gobert Daytona Quotes
  • Mat Mladin Daytona Quotes
  • Scoop: Kawi flywheel experiments revealed
  • Dunlop tire test ends with Hayden fastest, breaking lap record
  • "Formula Extreme bikes are the future" proponents catch clue train at Daytona
  • Sprinkler Myth Dies Ugly Death
  • Yamaha's Keith McCarty talks 2002 team
  • Hayden destroys lap record at Daytona with 1:48.1 lap
  • Duel on the banking for bragging rights
  • Gobert just keeps getting faster
  • Red Flag Images (including somebody playing kissy-face)
  • Update to red flag
  • Massive Superbike engine failure puts all systems to full stop at Daytona
  • 2:00 Anthony Gobert throws down 1:49.280 on the R7 Superbike
  • Bayliss tags another rider at Valenica, lives to tell the tale
  • Aprilia's Haga fastest at Valencia test
  • Honda's Hayden and Yamaha's Gobert fastest in morning session @ Dunlop tire test
  • Come on, Vouge
  • Minimalism as race strategy
  • Scoop: Honda experiments with rider to crew communication (on-bike)
  • More action pics
  • Son, you're gonna drive me to drinkin' if you don't get off that hot rod ... Honda?
  • More action from the Speedway (pics)
  • Satire by Ohlin: Foggy to introduce rival to Segway, called "Myway"
  • Track at Daytona is wet, yet it has not rained
  • Mike Hale Would
  • Confessions of a three time Daytona winner
  • 12.11.01

  • Hayden pulls a 49 late in the day to thrill leggy girl in red car
  • Picotte goes fast on HMC Ducati, crashes, is okay
  • UPDATED Honda's DuHamel crashes out of the tire test
  • Action pics of Superbikes from the Dunlop tire test
  • Nearly the entire damn Gobert family is racing in America now
  • 'They'd never seen anybody ride like me' says Roberts
  • Despite fuel injection problems, Picotte still happy on the Ducati
  • Gobert fastest Monday and ready to make 2002 one to remember
  • And baby makes three
  • Eric Bostrom does the duck and cover
  • Nick Hayden has fast time from morning session at Dunlop test
  • Haga rides the Aprilia as Man in Black
  • Word for the day: hot
  • More Pit Lane Photos
  • Pit Lane Photos
  • American Honda's assault on the Superbike title starts now
  • 12.10.01

  • A Tail of Two Pipes
  • Honda's Nick Hayden leaves tire test as fastest on day one
  • First day pics from Dunlop tire test @ Daytona
  • Early times have Mladin as fastest
  • Picotte digs the Ducati; is all smiles
  • Family emergency steals Ludington from tire test
  • Evan's Monday Noon Notes
  • The Hack Attack is Back
  • Evan's Monday am Daytona Notes
  • Kawasaki's Mike Preston Speaks
  • 2002 Begins Today at Daytona
  • Edwards and Bostrom split Bologna wins
  • 12.09.01

  • Live at Daytona, land of the $23 a night hotel room
  • Pics from the Petronas/Foggy/Flammini summit where nobody had the nad to say, 'Say Carl, feel like tucking your shirt in?'
  • Petronas WSC bike will now debut at Laguna Seca
  • 12.08.01

  • Edwards, for every good day in racing, you'll have three bad
  • Pics of Colin Edwards II and Ben Bostrom from the Super Motard races in Italy
  • Ben wins big in Bologna
  • 12.07.01

  • Still available for Christmas delivery
  • Itoh flies in to cover for Rossi who is on tri-state mojo finding spree
  • Mystery rider was in fact mechanic
  • Ludington's ZRX for sale this weekend
  • FGF Corse 'splained
  • Foggy sees bike in action (ridden by mystery rider) & is impressed
  • Aprilia blows the lid off GP with an air-valve triple
  • The weirdness will simply not end
  • One million persons
  • Aprilia farms out Superbike effort and Haga for 2002
  • 12.06.01

  • Thinking outside the box: Kawasaki hires Tony Meiring
  • L&M Ducati conclude South African testing, Bostrom off to Italy
  • Aprilia's GP bike and engine seen here
  • Aprilia launches three cylinder GP bike!
  • Auction to sell off what remains of Excelsior-Henderson happens today
  • Edwards bolts from Suzuka testing to ride dirt bike in Italy
  • 12.05.01

  • Wholesome family entertainment being filmed in Italy by Rapp, Sadowski
  • More archive images 1994-1997
  • 2002 HRC RC51 in transit for Dunlop Tire Test
  • Sources say that Meiring & Crevier in the running for final Kawasaki 600 ride
  • Harley-Davidson Superbike team still at work
  • Gobert has no interest in TT racing
  • 12.04.01

  • Ben Boz is back in SA Town
  • 12.03.01

  • Edwards: two hemispheres, two motorcycles and a whole bunch of airplanes
  • Honda's GP1 test at Jerez: the art and science of sandbagging?
  • Video killed the radio star, but what killed the VR 1000? (Poll)
  • AMASoup Interview: Ducati Marketing Exec Dave Gross on the controversial Multistrada all-in-one bike
  • New AMA Pro roadrace rules adopted: but one question remains
  • Downsizing hits the racing scene: the good, the bad and the ugly noted here
  • 12.02.01

  • Minneapolis columnist notes Supercross clash at the 'dome
  • 12.01.01

  • To honor ten year anniversary of landmark film Say Anthing, we take the day off and spend it standing outside of old high-school girlfriend's house wearing trenchcoat, with blaring boom-box above our heads*.
    (*arrest followed)
  • 11.30.01

  • World Superbike news and rumors from the Milan meetings
  • Let's all go to Bluestien's house and watch him throw a few bales of cash on the fire
  • By George, Harrison was a bike fan like us
  • Speedvision release on NASCAR TV alarms industry, especially those with televisions
  • 11.29.01

  • More Superbike racing cut-backs
  • After two years in the wrong direction, Kawasaki WSC returns to Ohlins suspension
  • 11.28.01

  • One man's valve-train is another man's Mozart (poll)
  • Stuff to read
  • 11.27.01

  • Interview: Yamaha's Anthony Gobert
  • Sure, it might be MORALLY WRONG, but which team manager wouldn't jump at the chance to clone Nicky Hayden? (Poll)
  • Edwards II fans get a chance to yak with former World Superbike champ in live chat on his personal web site
  • Old but still worth a look: we tour Kawasaki's race shop (from last Spring)
  • Pascal's Corse bikes will arrive in time the for Daytona tire test
  • 11.26.01

  • Ducati Revs America images from Ducati North America
  • Ben Bostrom versus Colin Edwards II versus Max Biaggi
  • LaVilla to test the GSX-R750 this week
  • Thunderhill is scene for Honda test this week
  • Penny-Wise or Pound-Foolish: Weighing in on WSC's Future
  • Rich Oliver's Mystery School
  • Satire by Ohin: Strange Days Indeed
  • 11.23.01

  • Team Foggy LTD will not look like your 1983 KZ750 LTD
  • Sauber Petronas to race their GP1 bike in WSC. No, really.
  • Start your Christmas shopping by hanging a legend on your wall
  • 11.22.01

  • Rapp to sign with Suzuki, is off to Italy to make a movie
  • Scott Russell's motorhome, more RC51s than you can count and even Andy Fenwick's Kawi Triple, all in Soup's Free Classifieds
  • Judging by these photos, JFK's book on the first season of GP1, While Suzuki Slept won't be published
  • 11.21.01

  • SCOOP: Picotte gets the HMC Ducati ride for '02
  • Sir Carl Fogarty and Ducati to split so Foggy can do his own thing
  • 11.20.01

  • No Loudon on 2002 schedule but track designer Wilson on the job
  • Lawson comments on California Speedway by way of AMA release
  • Scoop: 2002 AMA Superbike Schedule (official)
  • Will Colin Edwards have a 2002 team-mate? Who will sponsor the team?
  • Okada confirms retirement; will run HRC team in Japan
  • 11.19.01

  • Kawasaki's US Superbike effort gets cut in half
  • Little known fact: Haga once rode a Ducati Superbike
  • Scoop: Colin Edwards II to race Super Motard next month
  • Brits win Macau Grand Prix
  • Recent Paid Circulation Numbers from many of the major motorcycle magazines
  • 11.18.01

  • Ryo and Suzuki win the Japanese Superbike championship
  • 11.17.01

  • All this movie clip needs is a Bon Jovi soundtrack: the VRs go up in smoke
  • 11.16.01

  • Haga finally signs his letter with Aprilia. Now what?
  • Tad Okada retires from racing
  • Who will get the 2002 HMC Ducati ride? You decide (poll)
  • 2002 Daytona rooming is the good news from a faltering economy
  • 11.15.01

  • The Top 20 stories of the 2001 US Superbike season are ...
  • 11.14.01

  • Putin is at Team Bush, E-Boz was at Sugo. Related? We dig for facts where there are none.
  • Corse test day two is a washout: special report by Evan Williams
  • Former Kawasaki Superbike rider, Yamaha Superbike rider, F-USA champ and 250 ace Rich Oliver announces 2002 teammate
  • 11.13.01

  • Corse Ducati tests at Valencia
  • While his bike racing career seems to be in limbo, Corser races Lambo'
  • 11.12.01

  • Anthony Gobert Update
  • Exclusive pics of the grand opening at Mat Mladin's Suzuki dealership
  • 11.10.01

  • Steve Rapp is still single girls, don't count him out of the game quite yet
  • Schwantz Australian Tour 2001 hits Mladin's Suzuki dealership
  • If former US Superbike champ Troy Corser has a ride for 2002, it is the best kept secret in racing
  • Yoshimura Suzuki's Aaron Yates pulls up stakes
  • Suzuki shows of prototype GSX-R-powered Speedster (car)
  • 11.09.01

  • 19 year anniversary of landmark Nic Cage film "Valley Girl" prompts us to take the day off from work and spend it shouting "That techno-pop you listen to is gutless!" & "I know what the problem is, Julie; it's your God-damned friends!"
  • 11.08.01

  • And, even more archive images
  • Foggy to split with Ducati, become team manager for ... Sauber?~!
  • SuperPoll: who is the fastest? Mladin, Schwantz, Gobert or DuHamel
  • Ducati's 2002 US Superbike plans: to race or not to race
  • 11.07.01

  • More Lost Brainerd Images (2001 event)
  • Got Bandwidth?
  • Go West young AMA Pro Racing
  • 11.06.01

  • Hacking update
  • 2002 Daytona 600 Supersport race will happen on Friday, not Sunday
  • 11.05.01

  • Dunlop tire test and massive pit lane BS session to happen next month
  • 11.04.01

  • Rick Williams 'splains Japanese Superbike racing
  • Get your Eric Bostrom Sugo info here
  • 11.03.01

  • Over 270 motorcycles for sale in our free classifieds, including Rich Oliver's pistons
  • The best bike & rider combination of all time is ... (poll)
  • Eric Bostrom in Japan qualifying info here
  • 11.02.01

  • Eric Bostrom update from Sugo, which is in Japan
  • 1999-2000 Australian Grand Prix races lost a total of $8 million dollars, says report
  • Provisional 2002 AMA Superbike schedule does not include Loudon, still missing Mid-O and Brainerd
  • Nauseating podium-speak makes you want ... (poll)
  • Schwantz on multi-day dirt bike ride in Australia
  • 11.01.01

  • Ritter, Ducati, Sears Point
  • The reuniting of DuHamel & Ludington will be like ... (Poll)
  • Wednesday was meet your racer day at American Honda: DuHamel, Tracy, Hayden in attendence
  • 10.31.01

  • HMC splits with mechanics/crewchief
  • Tom Kipp signs with Valvoline Suzuki for 2002
  • Former Harley-Davidson privateer team to get Ducati gig, and Chandler?
  • Get your company's name in World Superbike in exchange for $
  • 10.30.01

  • NPR: relief for bored surfer syndrome
  • Sell your bikes, parts, or list your club's activities, find a job, etc for free in our Classifieds
  • Kawasaki confirms that Tommy Hayden is hired on at Team Green for 600 ride, third rider still possible
  • More readers respond with their opinions on who should get the open seat at Kawasaki
  • 10.29.01

  • Check out the 2002 Ducati 998 Ben Bostrom replica
  • Ashley Judd? Yvon DuHamel? Mike Baldwin? And more
  • Speedvison says that all 2001 programming will run in 2002
  • Road America releases 2002 US Superbike date
  • Readers respond with their picks as to who should be hired at Kawasaki
  • 10.28.01

  • Check out a scene from Mark Miller's upcoming DVD movie
  • 10.27.01

  • If you had the power, the checkbook and the dashing good looks of a Team Manager, who would you hire to be EBoz's team-mate?
  • Hai! Bostrom, Walker get to race Sugo next month
  • 10.26.01

  • Loudon Classic on or off the 2002 schedule?
  • Eric Bostrom keeps his cool the longest, according to informal and not based on reality poll
  • Tokyo Motor Show: Suzuki's awesome B-King and the 170 horse Yoshimura GSX-R1000 Suzuka replica
  • Goberts and Graves at Surfers
  • Okada's future still in doubt
  • 10.25.01

  • Chili to NCR "99%" there
  • 10.24.01

  • DuHamel and Ludington happy with LVMS test, Hale and local Stealth bombers impressive
  • World Superbike Silly Season: Chili to NCR Ducati?
  • Last day to enter the prize drawing for all the direct from Italy stuff
  • More readers weigh in on 2004 WSC rules
  • Old and obscure images from site library link
  • 10.23.01

  • Speedvison announces name change
  • 2004 World Superbike Rules seem to be as well liked as that one guy who barfed at your wedding
  • 10.22.01

  • Silly season update features Haga on an Italian Twin
  • 2002 AMA Superbike schedule info/non-info here
  • Scoop: Honda's Edwards to undergo surgery
  • Expletive Deleted: Unfrozen Caveman Writer
  • It's not easy being Kurtis Roberts
  • 10.21.01

  • Satire by Ohlin: Bin Laden was a major wobbler when he rode
  • 10.19.01

  • Scoop: Honda to test at LVMS
  • 2002 silly season update for US Superbike
  • 10.18.01

  • Bombshell: Yamaha and crewchief Houseworth split
  • Win a giant Imola poster, cap, mouse pad, Ducati calendar and other stuff in our newest prize giveaway
  • Edwards tests 2002 RC51 at Sugo, minus Okada
  • 10.17.01

  • Key Honda press man to leave
  • 10.16.01

  • Rumors of Suzuki cutting small team support are untrue, says Wilson
  • 215 motorcycles in the Classifieds, including HMC's factory Ducatis
  • 10.15.01

  • Rumor: Tommy Hayden to ride factory Kawasaki 600 in 2002
  • Chris Walker learns important lesson, signs with Kawasaki
  • CBJ Report seems to indicate massive change at Speedvision, including name, programming ...
  • Yanagawa gets the gold watch, is sent back to Japan
  • 2002 World Superbike weight rules get adjusted; but what kind of help can you *really* offer people who think Steph Chambon is worthy of a factory ride?
  • Single-pipe Hondas now, quad pipe-Twins in the future?
  • 10.13.01

  • Reader Mail Oct 2001
  • 10.12.01

  • eBay Leno Harley-Davidson tops $200,000
  • Miller: giving DuHamel what he wants
  • Bostrom and Haydens under the knife
  • Honda denies hiring of Suzuki engine builder
  • 10.11.01

  • So-Cal testing begins today
  • Win a giant Imola poster, cap, mouse pad, Ducati calendar and other stuff in our newest prize giveaway
  • 10.10.01

  • Ludington: it's good to be home
  • Tuxworth: a single motorcycle world championship in seven years
  • 10.09.01

  • Honda acquiring talent from the Kawasaki ranks
  • 188 motorcycles, 37 Ducatis, three jobs and a personal ad all in our FREE Classifieds
  • 10.08.01

  • Factory Ducati Superbike team in US Superbike now very much in doubt
  • Nick Hayden fifth on Honda four stroke motocross bike at Del Mar dirt track
  • Ex-Grand Prix winner Okada remains a mystery in World Superbike
  • 2002 Suzukis include new paint and graphics on most models, & also neat Telefonica replica GSX-R600
  • 10.06.01

  • Sources say that US Kawasaki's 2002 plans may include just a single Superbike rider
  • Aussies back to Aussie-land
  • Nicky Hayden to race Honda's four-stroke motocross bike this weekend at Del Mar dirt track race
  • 10.05.01

  • Stimulate the economy by hanging a legend on your wall
  • 10.04.01

  • Honda's Kurtis Roberts to race dad's KR3 Proton GP bike at Malaysian GP
  • Bombshell: #24 Mark Miller retires from racing
  • Championship winning US Honda goes home championshipless
  • 10.03.01

  • Yamaha Announces 2002 AMA Team
  • Even more Imola WSC images, including Xaus with a power tool
  • It was a disco inferno
  • US Suzuki race boss Itoh says three in a row is nice, but he's thinking four is even better
  • Treaded tire rule may be first of the 2004 WSC regs to be abandoned
  • Eric Bostrom staying with Kawasaki means his crew won't work with DuHamel
  • 10.02.01

  • More Imola Images
  • Italians in Print
  • 10.01.01

  • Imola Memories
  • When In Doubt, Make It Up
  • Ducati's Mystery Man
  • Ducati Denies Hailwood Trademark Infringment
  • 09.30.01

  • Keith's VIR Sunday Photos
  • VIR Superbike Press Conference
  • HMC Raises Money for the Red Cross
  • Hacking Update
  • VIR Superbike Race Report
  • Harley Ends with a Cloud of Smoke
  • VIR 600 SuperSport Press Conference
  • VIR Superbike Race Result
  • VIR 250 GP Race Result
  • Wrench-twiddling Under the Yosh Tent
  • VIR 600 SuperSport Race Report
  • VIR 600 SuperSport Race Result
  • Imola Race Day Quote Machine
  • Imola Injury Report
  • Schwantz on Mladin
  • VIR Superbike Sunday Morning Practice Times
  • Mladin Crashes During Morning Warm-up
  • Imola Race Two Result
  • VIR TV Coverage
  • VIR 250 GP Sunday Morning Practice Times
  • VIR reacts to Italian Press Release
  • VIR 600 SuperSport Sunday Morning Practice Times
  • The press release came early; and man, is it a doozie
  • Differing styles provide cheap entertainment
  • Further update on condition of world champion Troy Bayliss
  • Update on Troy Bayliss and Regis Laconi
  • Race one quick result from Imola
  • Race one dry
  • 2002 season starts in two weeks for Ducati Corse and Honda
  • Kawasaki source denies that they will pull-out of WSC in 2002
  • 4:00 announcement is rumored to be about Superbike rules
  • Flags of USA at Imola
  • Xaus is speedy Spaniard in semi-damp Imola warm-up
  • Misc. Imola images
  • '72 Imola 200 winner Paul Smart, Bayliss and father of Imola, Dr. Costa images
  • Imola scene images
  • 09.29.01

  • Keith's Saturday Superbike and Formula Xtreme Photos
  • VIR Formula Xtreme Press Conference
  • VIR Formula Xtreme Race Report
  • VIR 250 GP Starting Grid
  • Formula Xtreme Final Points Standings
  • VIR Formula Xtreme Result
  • VIR Superbike Qualifying Press Conference
  • VIR 250 GP Heat Race 2
  • VIR 250 GP Heat Race 1
  • Medley in Demand
  • VIR 750 SuperSport Result
  • Mladin Takes VIR Superbike Pole
  • Imola Saturday Quote Machine
  • Edwards' mechanic goes for wild ride
  • Aaron Slight at Imola
  • Capirossi Looking for a Party
  • VIR Injury Update
  • VIR 750 SuperSport Qualifying
  • Keith's VIR Saturday Photos
  • Hopkins vs. Buckmaster
  • Kawasaki drops out of World Superbike?
  • Yates on 600 SuperSport Pole
  • Fonseca Visits VIR
  • Sztuck in Omaha
  • Harley Bows Out
  • VIR Saturday Notes
  • Filice is Back
  • VIR Saturday a.m. Superbike Practice Times
  • Corser: My Job Depends On It
  • Hacking Being Checked Out At Hospital
  • American Doctor in Italy
  • Imola SuperPole Result
  • VIR Saturday a.m. 250 GP Practice Times
  • Imola SuperPole Update
  • Imola SuperPole Practice
  • VIR Pit Stop Rule Revision
  • VIR Saturday a.m. Formula Xtreme Practice Times
  • VIR Saturday a.m. 750 SuperSport Practice Times
  • VIR Saturday a.m. 600 SuperSport Practice Times
  • Gauntlet tossing popular pastime at VIR
  • Who will be Eric Bostrom's team-mate next season at Kawasaki? Only the Shadow knows, it seems
  • Ducati's Xaus leads morning practice qualifying at Imola; Laconi third
  • Saturday morning notes from Imola
  • 09.28.01

  • More Imola Friday Images, some featuring little helmeted guy stalking Ben
  • Miguel Mad, Wants to be Back On Top
  • Provisional Pole Press Conference
  • Keith's Friday VIR Photos
  • Attack Suzuki's Jason Pridmore takes VIR Formula Xtreme Pole
  • 'In championship mode' Mat Mladin on VIR Provisional Pole
  • VIR Friday p.m. Formula Xtreme Practice Times
  • USGP winner Jimmy Filice Medical Update
  • Mladin Fast in Championship Mode
  • Honda's Nicky Hayden on VIR circuit
  • VIR Friday p.m. 750 SuperSport Practice Times
  • VIR Friday p.m. 250 GP Practice Times
  • VIR Friday p.m. 600 SuperSport Practice Times
  • Let's Take A Ride With Mat Mladin at VIR, shall we?
  • VIR Friday a.m. 750 SuperSport Practice Times
  • Friday Imola Quote Machine
  • VIR Friday a.m. 250 GP Practice Times
  • VIR Friday a.m. Formula Xtreme Practice Times
  • VIR Friday a.m. Superbike Practice
  • VIR Friday a.m. Supersport 600 times
  • 'Soup Live at VIR
  • Eric's brother Ben Bostrom on provisional pole at Imola after late sesssion battle
  • World Superbike rumor control Ver 1.a
  • Friday morning garage photos from Imola
  • This weekend, Troy Bayliss is Paul Smart
  • Ben Bostrom leads a very warm practice at Imola
  • 09.27.01

  • Edwards and Corser want Imola wins
  • Doug Chandler turns 36 today, may ride last race for Kawasaki this weekend
  • VIR preview: Drama to Unfold
  • 09.26.01

  • Racing great Randy Renfow to retire after VIR, annual retirement party Sunday night
  • Lawasaki Al Ludington tries for 25/50 record this weekend at VIR
  • 09.25.01

  • Mladin nervous about flight, but only needs ninth place finish or better to become three time champ of AMA Superbike
  • F-1 car world bids Murray Walker good-bye, but few know where he got his start
  • A Pace Car will be in use @ VIR
  • Two legends of motorcycle sport: Costa and Imola
  • L&M Preview of Imola
  • 09.24.01

  • Dual championships on new circuits weekend
  • Satire by Ohlin: companies to debut bold technology to keep up with new Buell
  • 09.22.01

  • Nicky Hayden rides the 2002 CBR954RR
  • Fogarty crashes dirt bike, breaks leg in two places
  • 09.21.01

  • 2002 RC51 streetbike gets new fuel injection, is lighter, makes more power than original
  • Reliable sources say that Eric Bostrom to stay with Kawasaki, race in US in 2002
  • 09.20.01

  • Russell: retirement story is at best premature, at worst, fiction
  • Pics of the 2002 Honda CB900F: fuel injected, 919cc; not your dad's old CB900F
  • Neil Hodgson re-ups with GSE Ducati team for 2002 and beyond
  • It's official: Mike Hale returns to Honda, will ride for Erion team in 600 & FE
  • Honda signs DuHamel, pulls factory team from 600 Supersport for 2002
  • 09.19.01

  • 1993 World Superbike champion Scott Russell retired?!
  • Scoop: Anthony Gobert re-signs with Yamaha US
  • 09.18.01

  • Profile: Arai's Bruce Porter
  • Also new for 2002: Kawasaki ZX9R
  • Corse re-signs Xaus; 2002 World Superbike team will be Bayliss, Bostrom and Xaus
  • 09.17.01

  • There's still titles and glory up for grabs at VIR
  • American Ben Bostrom voted most popular rider, 'Soup best website says World Superbike championship
  • Honda dealer convention appears to be on
  • More info on Brainerd death
  • Roger Lee Hayden to race Erion Hondas next season?
  • Brainerd police confirm rider killed during CRA club event this past weekend
  • First look: fuel injected 2002 Yamaha R1
  • 09.14.01

  • Proposed rule changes for 2002 AMA Superbike series have 748s in 750 Supersport, back up bike rule may be modified, etc
  • Mladin: Virginia last thing on my mind right now
  • 09.13.01

  • Silly season update
  • AMA gives Mladin back point, he must pay Loudon fine
  • Mitch Hansen sells HMC to concentrate on Ducati store
  • E-mail from Dave Despain suggests that Speedvision won't become 24 NASCAR
  • As Willow Springs web site stated yesterday, Willow Springs round of championship is nevermore
  • 09.12.01

  • If Willow is canceled, the dynamic of the championships changes in a big, big way
  • Willow Springs web site states that event is canceled and will not be rescheduled
  • Ron Barrick and Mat Mladin give views of California Speedway test
  • Confirmed: Willow Springs Postponed
  • Kawasaki dealer meeting canceled
  • AMA Sources: Willow Races postponed
  • 09.11.01

  • Szoke in Omaha and liking it
  • Wait and see
  • 09.10.01

  • Several Assen World Superbike photos including images of the single-pipe Honda
  • 09.09.01

  • Let it be known, 23 year old first-time club racers can win the World Superbike title (old Bayliss profile)
  • Bostrom and Bayliss signed up for 2002
  • World Superbike Silly Season Special Report
  • World Superbike Quote Machine from Assen
  • Twenty minutes after the checkered flag, Soup interviews the new world champion
  • Honda's Colin Edwards II on what happened today at Assen
  • Assen Race Two Results and series points
  • World Superbike Championship is decided in race two at Assen
  • Submit your FREE classified ad here: sell your bike, find a bike, sell some vintage crap
  • Race Two Pre-Race and scene report; Foggy on track
  • Race one report from Assen
  • Race one results from Assen
  • It's raining, no, it's stopped, no, it's raining again at Assen. Wait, it stopped again.
  • Warm-up report from Assen
  • Corse's Xaus fastest in wet warm-up from Assen
  • 09.08.01

  • Colin II, Bostrom, Corser etc quotes from SuperPole (Bayliss gives Ducati their 100th pole)
  • Assen SuperPole notes 3; Bayliss on pole
  • Assen SuperPole notes 2
  • Assen SuperPole notes 1
  • Assen SuperPole decalred wet; is starting now
  • Ducati's Xaus stuns entire planet by being fastest at Assen in qualifying
  • 09.07.01

  • Mat Mladin: perhaps opening your eyes would help you find me
  • Ken Rogers' qualifying report from the paddock at Assen
  • Ben Bostrom: Rainy days and Fridays always get me down
  • Xaus puts Infostrada Ducati on provisional pole @ Assen
  • Morning images from Assen
  • Morning notes from Assen
  • When it rains at Assen, it's the man from Spain who is fast in practice
  • 09.06.01

  • KC's Sportbike Performance book gets blown out and eight bucks a pop
  • Hey, what year was it that Foggy won at Assen, anyway?
  • Assen World Superbike 2001: last man standing wins
  • 09.05.01

  • Corser's tire woes spark finger-pointing in paddock
  • 09.04.01

  • Edwards and Corser preview this weekend's World Superbike race at Assen
  • Gobert signs with Honda US
  • 09.03.01

  • Hang a legend on your wall
  • What the GP hype machine forgot to mention: the bike is slow
  • You will be required to stop. What you do during this stop is your business
  • Mladin's opinion on Suzuki's Hopkins taking a GP ride: don't do it
  • 09.02.01

  • WSC Rumor central: Gobert to Alstare and Ben misses a big payday by one win
  • Who said what in Germany today
  • Xaus' second race win clinches manufacturer's championship for Ducati; for tenth time
  • Current World Superbike points
  • World Superbike Race two at Oschersleben has a surprise winner
  • Roadracers rumble on track with as few as four turns
  • Results from race one at Oschersleben, Germany
  • Edwards owns morning warm-up in Germany
  • 09.01.01

  • Quotes from Corser, Bostrom, Edwards, etc from SuperPole in Germany
  • Hodgson steals SuperPole glory in Germany
  • Saturday qualifying puts "The Californian" on top before Superpole
  • 08.31.01

  • Early reports have Mladin in the '19s and Gobert fastest on a 600 from Willow test
  • Joe the Elk update
  • What Ben, Regis, Troy and Troy had to say after qualifying today
  • Corser on provisional pole at curcuit that Twins seem to like
  • Next week on eBay: Found in an old chicken coop, the VR 1000 Elvis rode
  • Winter is coming: sell your bike or find a project bike to park in the living room in Soup's free classifieds
  • Things get busy at Willow Springs
  • Edwards is the man to beat this weekend in Germany
  • Bayliss leads morning practice in Germany (conditions wet but drying)
  • 08.30.01

  • Harley-Davidson VR 1000 1988-2001
  • Edwards, Corser and Okada preview Germany
  • 08.29.01

  • Gottlieb Daimler's motorcycle patent 116 years old today
  • Kawasaki and Suzuki announce alliance
  • 250 ace Rich Oliver's new Shoei helmet--you can buy it next year
  • 08.28.01

  • Bombshell: Harley Davidson drops Superbike program for 02; series loses factory team
    (updated to include statements made by H-D's racing mngr. John Baker last January)
  • Picotte and Harley-Davidson to meet
  • Colorado Follow-up
  • 08.27.01

  • Mladin: tough times for a tough guy
  • Corser: It can't get any worse. Can it? Can it?
  • Ben Bostrom AKA Captain America on this weekend's German WSC races
  • Gobert on Gobert
  • Former contender Mike Hale plans racing return, linked to Erion ride in '02
  • Nicky Hayden admits reading goofy haiku on morning radio station was reason for pole & win
  • Sunday Images from PPIR
  • 08.26.01

  • Final Superbike results and points from PPIR
  • Mladin: grip problems are to blame for fourth place
  • Final Pro Honda Oils 600 Supersport results and points from Colorado
  • Final 250 GP results and points from Colorado
  • Three-time Nicky gets the trophy
  • Suzuki's Mladin soundly beaten; points lead down to fifteen points with two rounds left
  • 250 race ends with Oliver on top .. but lots of drama
  • Details of Bostrom's 600 Supersport win here
  • Pete Sampras wins the Colorado 600 race
  • Red flag slows 600 race
  • Superbike warm-up times from PPIR: AMA clocks have Smith as fastest
  • 600 Supersport pre-race notes and quotes
  • Aprilias for Hansen in 2002?
  • Sunday morning images from the lens of Joe Wierzbicki
  • Miguel DuHamel crashes in 600 practice, Yoshimura's Yates fastest ...
  • Racer Will Davis dies in dirt track crash
  • 08.25.01

  • Saturday Notes from PPIR
  • Suzuki's Ben Spies wins 750 Supersport race at PPIR
  • Hayden stops Mladin's pole-run at eight, but champ still upbeat
  • DuHamel blames gearing problems & confused crew for poor qualifying at PPIR
  • Suzuki's Jason Pridmore back with a vengence in Formula Extreme action
  • Honda's Nicky Hayden & Universal Studio's RC51 on PPIR pole
  • Afternoon images from PPIR
  • Erion Honda's Kurtis Roberts snares 600 Supersport pole at PPIR
  • Up, up, in the sky; it's a bird, a plane, it's ... rain
  • Honda, Honda, Kawasaki, Kawasaki, ... Harley ?! morning Superbike practice from PPIR
  • Ugh! When VR1000's attack
  • 250 GP morning practice (top five)times
  • HPO 600 Supersport morning practice sees Gobert step up
  • Squat and push
  • Dark clouds threaten @ PPIR
  • 08.24.01

  • Former race winner Chandler back on form @ PPIR
  • Friday Images from PPIR
  • Numbers don't lie
  • Russell rumors swirl regarding health of former world champion
  • 250 GP afternoon practice times
  • Formula Extreme afternoon qualifying times
  • Yoshimura Suzuki's Mladin on team-mate Yates, going faster and how the best plan is just to beat everybody
  • 1st Qualifying: It's Friday. Time for Mladin to begin the punishment
  • Kenny Roberts actually won the first race at PPIR
  • Mladin says return to US Superbike in 02 is "most likely"
  • Son of Yvon leads afternoon 600 practice
  • Pridmore impressive in Formula Extreme practice
  • One lap of Pike's Peak with Honda's Nicky Hayden
  • Friday morning US Superbike practice
  • Friday morning images from Pike's Peak
  • Yamaha's Gobert sits out Superbike at Pike's Peak
  • Roberts, Bostrom, Gobert in first 600 practice at Pikes
  • Still unsigned for 2002, Eric Bostrom decides to climb rocks
  • Dunlop trucks in some Colorado tire solutions
  • 08.22.01

  • Russell in hospital, riding at Pikes questionable at best
  • Dude, where's my car?
  • 250 GP's head on the block again, say insiders
  • 08.21.01

  • From Ducati: Russell to ride ...
  • Expletive Deleted:Golf is not a sport
  • Credit card fraud caves thriving web site
  • 08.20.01

  • Erion Honda and American Honda to test at So-Cal Speedway
  • Aaron, Ben and Eric in American Supercamp XR100 action in Colo
  • VIR needs marshalls
  • 08.19.01

  • The Prince of Peoria and Bad Luck Nicky
  • Maiers, Kanemoto, Baldwin, Merkel and Thuett to be inducted into the Motorcycle Hall of Fame
  • 08.17.01

  • Mladin pleased with VIR test
  • Report: Suzuki's web site hacked this week
  • AMASoup profile: WSC rider rep Peter Ingley
  • 08.16.01

  • The last day of the VIR test is actually today
  • Gobert's use of Superbike at PPIR is questionable
  • Pritchard leaves
  • Satire by Ohlin: Doohan beating Fogarty admits fear of Schwantz, Lawson
  • 08.15.01

  • Greasy track catches Kurtis Roberts out too ...
  • Early reports have Mladin's fast time from yesterday as fast time of the VIR test
  • Anthony Gobert leaves this VIR test with fast 600 time
  • Yates crashes at VIR
  • Just in time for silly season, it's another silly season round-up
  • 08.14.01

  • VIR test notes
  • Images of the 2001 Austin Blue Bayou H-D VR1000 Team
  • 08.13.01

  • Goodwin back on the street after a night in crowbar hotel
  • Tom Mueller leaves the AMA Pro Racing fold
  • VIR test day one rained out by too much sun
  • Ducati to have track school that is chicks only
  • Powered by humans
  • Colin Edwards: HRC's Invisble Man
  • The "Augusta of racetracks" (whatever that is)
  • Goodwin arrested for Thompson murders
  • 08.12.01

  • Satire by Ohlin: Recently de-listed List-bot pawn Joe T Elk will be on rampage at PPIR
  • 08.11.01

  • Web links for today
  • #32 at the Glen
  • 08.10.01

  • Harley-Davidson to quit US Superbike racing?
  • 08.09.01

  • Thunder in the distant sky: 2002 Yamaha R1 rumors
  • Phase two of Sears Point modernization plan now underway
  • Robot riders, not preaching to the choir, and being understaffed, all from H-D's Werner
  • 08.08.01

  • Hang a legend on your wall: prints of the Kawasaki S-1 Superbike signed by Eddie Lawson are on sale now
  • Having your life flash in front of your faceshield is a great way to discover what's important
  • Double-dipping by Honda noted here
  • Honda's NAS concept bike in photos
  • Edwards II gets few laps on V-5 in wet session at Suzuka
  • 08.07.01

  • Egg-slusive: the sun rose and then slowly fell today over VIR. Also, Russell rode
  • Mladin: it only *looks* easy
  • 08.06.01

  • Scoop: Yates to test at VIR next week
  • To the victors go the spoils: Edwards & Rossi to test V5 this week
  • Three week break opens time up for VIR-a-testin'
  • 08.05.01

  • Scoop: Mr. Daytona back on the bike! Russell to ride at VIR Ducati test
  • Suzuka eight hours podium images
  • Barros, wife and trainer allege conspiracy at Suzuka
  • Brief report from Suzuka with corrected info: Gobert & Haga DNF
  • Top speeds of Suzuka eight hours machines
  • Tornado hits Suzuka (Texas Tornado, that is ...)
  • Suzuka race images page four
  • Suzuka race images page three
  • Suzuka race images page two
  • Suzuka race images page one
  • Honda dream team of Edwards and Rossi win Suzuka eight hours
  • 08.04.01

  • Episode of The Twilight Zone filmed today at Suzuka (hopefully)
  • Suzuka eight hours qualifying images, page thrice
  • Suzuka eight hours qualifying images, page two
  • Suzuka eight hours qualifying images, page one
  • Honda quotes from Suzuka
  • Bombshell: Suzuki steals Suzuka eight hours pole position; first time in 18 years
  • 08.03.01

  • Bostrom rumors entertaining, yet not exactly factual
  • Suzuka report: Rossi and Edwards appreciate each other mutually
  • Suzuka report: Hondas are flying, Barnes in a daze, Suzuki is close
  • Today's web links include Carl dogging Mick, and Tony George is maybe looking for a bike race
  • Rossi fastest in practice at Suzuka on day one
  • 08.02.01

  • Oz fans get Soup TV
  • Honda's Kurtis Roberts: reluctant Superbike racer
  • 08.01.01

  • Mugello test ends with little info
  • Bostrom in rare company with five wins in a row
  • 2002 World Superbike pre-season test schedule
  • 07.31.01

  • Honda Preview of the 2001 Suzuka eight hours
  • Ferracci denies Ducati team in 2002
  • 07.29.01
    Brainerd Photos
    Brainerd Superbike Race Report
    Brainerd Superbike Result
    Bombshell at Brainerd
    Superbike Notes from Brainerd
    Brands Hatch Rider Quotes
    Brainerd 250 Race Result
    Brainerd 600 Race Report
    Gobert Drops Out of Brainerd Superbike Race
    600 Supersport Points after Brainerd
    Brainerd 600 Supersport Result
    Brainerd Sunday Morning Superbike Times
    Brands Hatch World Superbike Race 2 Result
    Brands Hatch World Supersport Race Result
    Brainerd 600 Supersport Warm-up
    Brands Hatch World Superbike Race 1 Result

    Evan's Saturday Notes
    Miguel Qualifies Second @ Brainerd
    Nicky Hayden Joins the Kurtis Roberts Fan Club
    Brainerd Formula Xtreme Result
    Mladin Reverts to Older Clutch System
    Mladin Breaks AMA Pole Record
    Brands Hatch Rider Quotes
    Mladin Takes Pole at Brainerd
    DuHamel Takes 600 Pole at Brainerd
    New Stuff for Harley
    Mladin Leads Sat am Superbike Practice
    Hopkins Leads Sat am FX Practice
    Brands Hatch Superpole Result
    Oliver Tops 250 Practice
    Saturday am 600 Practice
    Better Late Than Never
    Brands Hatch Final Qualifying

    Evan's Friday Notes
    Rainy Brainerd - Qualifying Cancelled
    Looking for Superbike Qualifying Results?
    Oliver Tops 250 Practice
    The Brainerd Curse
    Schwantz at Brainerd, not Brands
    Roberts Fastest in 600 Afternoon Practice
    Brainerd Friday AM Photos
    Morning Superbike Practice from Brainerd
    Gobert rides R7 Superbike @ Brainerd
    Formula Xtreme Friday Practice
    World Superbike is Dead
    Ducati Riders Struggle
    Hacking Quickest after 600 Morning Practice
    Brands Hatch Friday Qualifying Result
    We're Live at Brainerd

    '02 WSC schedule has teams madder than wet hens

  • From Eurosport: Corser on Corser, Brands, etc

  • US Superbike Brainerd Preview
    Roberts Rumors Prove Entertaining
    Hodgson on not going to GP, loss of Donington; also he does not sing a Dylan tune
    Report: Harley-Davidson's new V-Rod to add 300 jobs to workforce
    Suzuki press release says no Schwantz at Brainerd this weekend

    EBoz versus The Wizard of Oz: Crunch Time or Game Over?
    What constitutes a privateer? Beater 750 Supersport bikes or expensive uniforms?

  • Ben Bostrom: I have to beat Brands Hatch

  • Honda's World Superbike Preview of Brands Hatch

    Agent of Fortune: Alan LaBrosse
    Today's web links include the 160 in a 40 zone guy, again
    Mark Roberts' Superbike images from Mid-Ohio
    Mark Roberts' 600 Supersport images from Mid-Ohio
    Mark Roberts' 250 Grand Prix images from Mid-Ohio
    Mat Mladin says that with one more strong finish, it's then time to start thinking championship

    Keith's Saturday photos from Mid-Ohio II
    Keith's Saturday photos from Mid-Ohio
    Number of World Superbike riders at Daytona next year: zero
    2002 WSC Schedule with provisional dates and notes
    Local news links to Mid-Ohio stories, etc

    Mid Ohio Race Two Full Results & Official Championship Points

  • Keith's Saturday practice shots
  • Keith's Saturday paddock shots

  • Who said what in the post-Superbike race press conference
    US Superbike Mid Ohio Race Two quick report
    Formula Extreme win to Tom Kipp Jr and Suzuki
    250 GP from Mid-Ohio: All Jimbo!
    Results from Race Two @ Mid-Ohio
    Honda Pro Oils 600 Supersport quick report
    Honda Pro Oils 600 Supersport podium transcript
    Mid-Ohio 600 Supersport results & points here (updated)
    Hacking fastest in Superbike morning warm-up at Mid-Ohio
    Kurtis Roberts and Erion Honda fastest in morning 600 warm-up at Mid Ohio
    Chandler's tire selection seals Kawasaki rider's fate in race one
    Yoshimura's Hacking suffers fuel injection problems in race one

    Former race winner DuHamel struggles at Mid-Ohio
    Superbike Race One Transcript from press conference
    Quick race report from Mid-Ohio Superbike race one
    Results of the First Superbike Race @ Mid-Ohio

  • Don't want to end up like Mat Foley, motivational speaker, living in a van down by the river? Get paid $1.7 million a year to win Superbike championships. Mat Mladin tells you how

  • Anthony Gobert will sit out Superbike class at Ohio
    Pre-race Superbike notes from Mid-Ohio
    Brit Jamie Hacking leads race tire practice at Mid-Ohio
    Mid-Ohio Superbike Qualifying press conference transcript
    Yamaha nips Suzuki for 600 Supersport pole at Mid-Ohio; DuHamel and Bostrom on front row
    Just another day at the 175 horsepower office: Yoshimura Suzuki's Mladin breaks lap record, sets pole, again
    Anthony Gobert fined $2500 by AMA Pro Racing
    Formula Extreme Saturday Practice
    Kawasaki's Eric Bostrom endures 14 hour flight to get to Ohio
    Is Hayden's RC51 cured or just covered with a band aid? Time will tell.
    Yamaha's Gobert has wait and see attitude about Superbike

    Suzuki's Tom Kipp nabs Formula Extreme pole, is a full second faster than rest of field
    Mat Mladin on concrete patches, transmissions and better times in the morn'
    Keith Patti's Friday images from Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course
    Rapp's Ducati sports new dustbin clip-ons
    Mladin on provisional pole at Mid Ohio, says breaking track record is possible
    John Hopkins fastest in Formula Egg-stream practice
    With new bodywork applied to his Yamaha, Rich Oliver is fastest at Mid-Ohia'
    Yamaha's Tom Hayden leads 600 afternoon practice at Mid Ohio
    Honda's Nick Hayden fastest in morning Superbike @ Mid-O; Canadian riders find ground zero
    Lack of web mojo fixed here
    Ducati's Dr. T, father of the Desmo, dead at age 80
    Mid-Ohio Notes ...on Hacking, Gobert etc
    Mid-Ohio wake up call

    Web links you may have missed while surfing for a new job
    While the cat's away, the mice shall play: No Yates at Mid-Oh gives others chance at winning

    Steve Rapp gives a lap of the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course
    A look back at the 1994 Road Atlanta Superbike national, in vivid black-and-white

  • Honda's Colin Edwards leaves Imola WSC test fastest

  • Today is call in sick and go riding instead day

    Quotes & Notes from Imola WSC testing
    Parents of Jamie Bowman file suit
    Hey, where'd you get those?!
    Final Laguna Seca memories & as an added bonus ... naked man flesh

    Former Superbike champ Doug Chandler confesses he gets a serious case of what-the-hell-am-I-doing? when he sends his son to the line

    Ohlin notes important update on Team Longbeard, the Amish racing team, and more
    More Laguna Seca WSC memories ...

    Anthony Gobert leaves Suzuka test faster than Haga and third fastest behind Edwards and Rossi

    Soup readers recall what they'll remember from Laguna Seca WSC 2001
    Eight Hours of Suzuka bombshell: three rider teams?
    What are your Laguna Seca memories?

  • Scoop: Doohan to ride Honda's V-5
  • 07.12.01
    77% of Ducati's racing costs paid by sponsors says CEO
    More Laguna Seca notes
    The worst kept secret of 2001: the new Harley-Davidson
    Even More Laguna Seca WSC action photos
    More Laguna Seca WSC scene photos
    2002 Buell details here

    Chandler sees no end in sight
    Benelli scores first championship point at Laguna Seca; a look at the bike and what's behind it
    Kawasaki's Eric Bostrom not overjoyed with Laguna results
    Soup links from around the web include Barry Sheene, etc

    Yanagawa:Luckless in Laguna
    Aaron Yates update

    Anthony Gobert leaves for Japan

    Current World Superbike points
    Second race transcript from Laguna Seca
    Keith's Race Day Photos
    Tim's World Superbike Race 2 Wallpaper
    Speedvision gets the Daytona 200
    Second race quick report from Laguna Seca
    Second race results from Laguna Seca
    Afternoon notes from Laguna Seca
    What went wrong?
    750 Supersport results
    250 Grand Prix Results
    Race One Transcript from Laguna Seca
    Quick report: World Super Ben
    First race results from Laguna Seca
    Tough Year For "The Kid"
    World Superbike Pit Babes
    World Superbike Pitlane Action
    Edwards hits the 25s on race tires in Sunday AM practice

    Keith Patti's Saturday images
    AMA 250 heat race results
    Word Superbike Superpole transcript
    Saturday World Superbike Wallpaper
    Laguna Formula Xtreme Results
    Comeback for Kurtis
    Ben's Big White Dot
    World Superbike Superpole Result
    Transcript of US Superbike podium
    Suzuki's Yates has broken wrist/arm from nasty high-side
    Champion Mat Mladin breaks third gear, takes third place
    Laguna Seca images by Keith and Dean
    US Superbike Race Report from Laguna Seca
    US Superbike results from Laguna Seca

  • Ben comes through; is fastest WSC qualifier
  • Saturday morning AMA Superbike times
  • Saturday morning AMA Superbike notes
  • Saturday morning notes from Laguna Seca
  • 07.06.01
    Evan's SuperSport 600 Notes
    Friday World Superbike Wallpaper
    World Superbike Friday Qualifying
    AMA SuperSport 600 Race Photos
    AMA SuperSport 600 Press Conference
    AMA SuperSport 600 Race Report
    AMA SuperSport 600 Result
    Laguna WSC Quotes
    World Superbike Practice Times
    Evan's AMA Superbike Qualifying Notes
    Friday AM SuperSport 600 Practice Times
    WSC Spec vs. AMA Spec - subtle differences exist
    Formula Xtreme Qualifying Results


  • World Superbike champion Edwards plays Wisenhiemer with Mat Mladin

  • Foe-toes from Laguna Seca today include a look at the (looks like a) 1985 Ninja 900 engine in the Benelli chassis
    Where's my grip?, asks Mat and Nicky
    Thursday wallpaper from Tim's magic picture box
    Kawasaki and Eric Bostrom on 600 Supersport pole @ Laguna Seca
    Mladin on pole @ Laguna Seca
    Suzuki's Mat Mladin on the 88 minute dash
    Honda's Hayden says riding 600 is just for fun ...
    Aaron Yates has fastest 600 at Laguna Seca in practice
    Superbike notes from first practice @ Laguna Seca
    Mladin fastest in Laguna first Superbike practice
    Gobert pulls in
    Will Anthony race?
    Ben Bostrom/Misano poster awarded
  • Soup live @ Mazda Laguna Seca WSC
  • 07.04.01

  • World champion Edwards hopes to build on 2000 Laguna results
  • There's still room at the Inn ...
  • 07.03.01
    Edwards, Rossi, Gobert & Haga to meet at Suzuka in August. May the best man/team/bike win.
    What does this Mathers business mean? Info here
    Bombshell: Mathers new Operations Manager for AMA Superbike
    Next bunny for Mladin to hit with the nail gun: Laguna Seca

  • 1989: A look back at the first US World Superbike race ever
  • Battle of the Bostroms Brewing for Laguna Seca
  • 07.02.01

  • Ben Bostrom: I love Laguna Seca

  • First Ride: 2002 Triumph 955i
    Emap sold for $515 million dollars

    Gobert/Laguna Seca update
    Buster Roberts turns 81
    Fox buys Speedvision. Now what?
    More Misano Wallpaper
    Traditional Laguna Seca Racer Wear
    Your chance to win a Misano World Superbike poster featuring Ducati's Ben Bostrom

    Apparel for those who are big and tall
    For the 'Who the hell is Aaron Gobert?' bunch
    AMA Superbike schedule @ Laguna Seca packed
    Ben Bostrom's shoulder condition and plans updated
    Aaron Gobert in silly season play
    Nick Hayden to ride factory 600 @ Laguna Seca

    New York Times reports a familiar name is bidding on Emap
    Big Bill to be remembered @ Laguna Seca WSC
    Welcome to Rumor Island: Mladin to Appleal $5000 fine and ...
    Nicky Hayden to ride CBR600 @ Laguna Seca?
    Edwards to sell leathers for chairity, launch web site

    Ducati Island 2001 @ Laguna Seca

  • Quote Machine Misano, final
  • 06.24.01

  • Various comments from Ducati's Ben Bostrom
  • Ben Bostrom to have Surgery
  • Misano Race Day Photos
  • World Superbike Points after Misano
  • Misano World Supersport Results
  • Misano Race Two Results and Quick Report
  • Misano is not in Italy
  • Misano Race One (new) Results and Quick Report
  • 06.23.01

  • Goddard rides the Benelli; we talk to him
  • Misano SuperPole Quote Machine
  • Benelli photos from Misano
  • Misano Saturday pitlane photos
  • Misano Saturday Wallpaper
  • Hodgson steals SuperPole at Misano
  • Bayliss fastest after qualifying at Misano
  • 06.22.01

  • Quote Machine Misano: World Superbike goes to the movies
  • A World Superbike story about Ben. Not Bostrom, Ben Nelli (Benelli)
  • Misano World Superbike photos day one, second page
  • Misano World Superbike photos day one
  • Not yet wearing sticker that reads 'Hello, my name is Nori Haga'
  • Xaus crashes two
  • Edwards falls at Misano
  • Bayliss fastest in first qualifying at Misano

  • Reader Mail
  • Edwards & Okada 1-2 in first practice at Misano
  • Misano World Superbike Preview
  • 06.21.01
    Hayden's T-Rex RC51 can be seen here

  • Bostrom expects to win at Misano; but will Corser and Edwards allow it?

  • Doohan coming to WSC Laguna Seca
    Nick Hayden's RC51 gets some bite

    Report: Penske's So-Cal facility may hold AMA Superbike races in 2002 (which is next year)
    Many See Green @ Loudon

    Hacking to appeal Elkhart Lake DQ
    Gobert Update
    Superbike champion Mat Mladin fined $5000 by AMA Pro Racing
    Deep Thoughts (on Loudon) by Bill Heald

    Mladin to face Wrath of Merrill
    Mladin: "I can't complain ..."
    Revised 750 Supersport results from Loudonia
    Superbike points after Loudon
    Full Superbike Results from Loudon
    Filice wins 250 GP as Oliver crashes out
    Eric Bostrom perfect in Loudon Victory
    Bostrom and Kawasaki Win Loudon! Mladin Defeated!
    Old shirts to come out of the closet in new Soup contest
    Mladin, Bostrom and Hacking fastest in Monday Superbike practice

  • Misano World Superbike test notes

  • Kawasaki's Ludington on Loudon set up
    Gobert to fly to Northern Califonia today
    Harley-Davidson's Picotte is wild card for today's race @ Loudon
    Monday weather looks good @ Loudon
    DuHamel curious about racetrack and why RC51 does not work at Loudon

    Loudon update: The tradition is to have the race on Monday, now, kinda
    Loudon update: Scott Greenwood wins 600 Supersport race @ Loudon amidst red flag throwing; factory riders refuse to ride
    Loudon update: 600 Supersport race begins, with no factory riders
    Loudon update: 600s go to the grid
    Update from the field: That's not a DC10 you hear in the background
    Loudon update: sidecars and rain stop for now
    ... like cats and dogs ...
    Mr. Cloud and his pal Mr. Rain are at Loudon right now, children
    Superbike morning practice times from Loudon
    Superbike race bumped up to noon; Haden says 2000 RC51 better than 2001; it's all in morning notes
    HPO 600 Supersport morning practice times from Loudon

    From the pole press conference: Mat Strikes Back
    Pole-sitter Mladin Says No More Mr. Nice Guy
    Suzuki's Hopkins wins Formula Extreme at Loudon
    Mladin takes Loudon pole to become all-time AMA pole-winner
    Gobert: I made a mistake
    Bostrom gets 600 pole
    Saturday Morning Superbike Notes
    Saturday Morning 600 Supersport Practice Times
    Saturday Morning 250 GP Practice Times (top five)
    Saturday Morning Superbike Practice Times
    Saturday morning notes before the notes note
    Yates speaks from high atop provisional pole mountain
    What the Hell?

    Gobert news improves

    Doohan not cool with method of pig being killed. Seems to forget those spiffy leathers he once wore used to belong to a cow

    Eric Bostrom and Kawasaki fastest 600 thus far
    Bucky and Suzuki rule Formula Extreme thus far
    And now, 250 ace Oliver joins injured list ...
    Yates on provisional pole @ Loudon
    Gobert out with broken arm @ Loudon
    Gobert crash in qualifying causes red flag
    Go-Show: the track is "100% better now"
    The decsion has been made: if it rains, they will not race ...
    Loudon Noon Notes
    Yamaha's Anthony Gobert on top after morning 600 Supersport practice @ Loudon
    Yamaha's Anthony Gobert on top after morning Superbike practice @ Loudon
    Suzuki's Hopkins says that Loudon is safer
    Mladin/Loudon news link
    Airfence needed in pressroom at Loudon
    Brief morning notes from Loudon, which is in New Hampshire

    Aaron Yates: Rough and Tumble

  • Misano World Superbike Testing News and Quotes

  • Here's your friggin' Loudon preview
    Loudon on Speedvision, not TNN
    Mike Smith on Fox Sports Net

    Jamie Hacking DQ'd from Road America Race Two
    Kurtis Roberts Has Surgery, will be out for Loudon
    150 kilos of pit stop fun

    Kurtis Roberts update
    Vance says he owes Yamaha's Griffis big
    Harley-Davidson CEO on CNBC tonight
    Post-Race News and Notes
    Meklau finishes fourth

    Freddie Spencer in So-Cal tomorrow night
    Ducati Enthusiast and Ferracci Sponsor Stephen Weiss Dead
    Kurtis Roberts on plane to see Dr. Ting; may miss Loudon
    Nick Hayden stays smart, stays upright, learns lesson
    DuHamel almost sort of satisfied with second place yesterday in rain
    Honda re-thinks dream team project, Edwards and Rossi back to teammates for eight hour
    Red flag, re-start, working on bike behind wall situation rears ugly head
    Pegram blames Hacking for turn one fall
    Mladin crashes twice, finishes seventh

    Brief race report from Elkhart Lake
    Second race results from Road America
    Red flag, restart, Mladin crashes, Kurtis too, notes
    Bad Moon Rising
    Oliver mulls which deductions he'll try while winning by 47 seconds
    Superbike start delayed for a few minutes; rain is here
    Road America 600 Supersport race report
    Honda Pro Oils 600 Supersport top 10 results
    Red flag Update from Road America 600 Supersport race
    600s grid up on getting wetter track; Roberts crashes on warm-up lap, as rain begins to fall
    Ka-Boom! Mladin breaks his own lap record in Sunday morning Superbike practice
    Notes and Quotes from Race One @ Road America
    Yates fastest in HPO 600 Supersport practice at Road America
    Current World Superbike Points Standings

  • World Superbike Race Two Results from Germany

  • Road America Race One Quotes and Analysis
    Nicky Hayden can't catch a brake
    Could be worse, could be raining, said Marty Feldmann
    Andy Meklau finds a new home
  • German World Superbike Race One Results
  • Edwards fastest in WSC morning warm-up in Germany
  • 06.09.01
    Buckmaster gets middle spot on Formula Extreme podium
    750 Supersport results (spoiler:a Suzuki wins)
    250 Grand Prix heat race data

  • Germany World Superbike SuperPole Quote Machine

  • Road America Race One Quick Report
    Doohan wins Road America Race One
    Red Flag update from Road America
    Gobert crashes 600, bounces back to qualify eighth
    Yamaha R6 and Tommy Hayden on 600 Supersport pole
    Gobert returns the favor: Yamaha rider fastest in Superbike 'race tire' practice
    Road America Saturday post-qualifying notes
    Mat Mladin stays on pole at Elkhart, becomes all-time pole sitter in AMA Superbike history
    Kawasaki's Chandler struggling
  • World Superbike Championship: Hodgson steals SuperPole

  • Green Bay Newspaper profiles Honda's Kurtis Roberts
    Friday notes from Road America 2001
    Mladin ten seconds a lap faster than Rainey
    Saturday morning Honda Pro Oils 600 Supersport practice times
  • World Superbike Championship final qualifying from Germany
  • 06.08.01
    Hayden wonders where the speed went ...
    Pegram riding injured due to recent surgery; needs more time to heal
    Yoshimura Suzuki's Mladin smashes lap record, is on provisional Superbike pole @ Elkhart
    Gobert on what it takes to go fast Road America...
    Confirmed: Griffis to Retire from Yamaha Racing
    Honda Pro Oils 600 Supersport afternoon practice leaves some feeling green
    Mladin: it all relates
    Morning notes from Road America
    AMA settles Edmondson lawsuit for $3 million dollars
    Mladin sets pace in morning Superbike practice at Road America
    Big Bill Spencer rememberd in San Jose Merc News today
    Mat Mladin and Scott Russell featured in mainstream on-line news today
    Yates sets the early pace for 600s at Road America
    We're live from Elkhart Lake, which is in Wisconsin
    Road America Preview 2001: replace the silos with horsepower
    Val Rossi back in the Suzuka Groove
    Hodgson on provisional pole in Germany, where it is raining
    Bayliss & Edwards fast in opening practice in Germany

    Kawasaki's Eric Bostrom is a Silly Season player too ...

    Bayliss fast in special WSC test
    Fast Freddie Spencer inducted into Hall of Fame
    Haga and Gobert Suzuka pairing still not solid
    Rumblin' Twins Show Strength @ Road America

    Laguna Seca WSC entry drama
    Gobert becomes Silly Season player with news he is in one year contract
    Journal report seems to indicate that Wauwatosa is not the name of the latest teen dance craze where they "harmlessly" dry hump each other
    Rossi now not scheduled to race Suzuka; Edwards to team with Okada
    Hayden WSC Entry?

    Reader Mail
    Ben Bostrom on injury and performance at Donington
    Edwards' WSC title latest in long line of American domination
    Go Left, left again at the corner, then left, followed by another left; got it, Nicky?
    US Superbike Silly Season 2002 Corrected Regarding Eric Bostrom

    Big Bill Memorial info here

    Three thousand people get our e-mail alerts; shouldn't you?
    Yamaha's Larry Griffis announces retirement
    Kawasaki to race Laguna Seca WSC as well?
    A Privateer Superbike team that is doing it right
    Rumors in Suzuki-land: Kipp to replace Pridmore?!

    Big Bill Spencer dead at 59

    Neil Hodgson: the prodigal son returns by evan williams

    Edwards & Rossi vs Gobert and Haga still not solid
    Photos of Gobert's Road Atlanta axle failure
    Reuters reports that Emap's Miller will now weather the storm
    Tommy Hayden gives Yamaha first dirt track win in 20 freakin' years

    Scoop: Yamaha's Tommy Hayden wins Springfield TT dirt track race, beats younger bro Nicky and TT expert Chris Carr

    Quote Machine Donington Final

    Current World Superbike points
    Donington second race results
    Donington web links
    First race results from Donington
    Bayliss leads Sunday AM wet practice at Donington

    SuperPole Quotes
    Hizzy in a Tizzy over SuperPole
    Stupid people should not ride
    Don't forget to peruse Vintage Crap or place your own ad in VC here
    Hislop remains on provisonal pole at Donington WSC

    Rage Against the Quote Machine from Donington WSC
    Yamaha's Tom Hayden to join Roger Lee and Nicky on the dirt tracks this weeeeekeeennend
    World Superbike Qualifying: Hislop Stuns!
    Donington Park First Practice lap times

    Donington Park World Superbike Preview by Evan Williams
    When we're in Atlanta, we use Gary's Office 
    Road America US Superbike test news 

    Donington race may be the last 
    Pegram had surgery on TUESDAY 
    Bostrom Donington Update
    Alex Gobert wins on seemingly unlucky weekend for Goberts 
    New Gold Wing gets the calling 
    Yamaha's Gobert leads the charge at Road America test

    Free SWAG with shirt orders until we run out 
    Perhaps you'd like some cheese with your (gear) whine? 
    More photos from Atlanta, including the 600 podium and bikes in the parking lot. Really. 
    DuHamel reflects on 01 Road Atlanta
    Mladin, DuHamel, Hayden 1, Hayden 2, Pegram and others star in Notes from Atlanta

    Hayden pining for re-start and fresh bike after second race crash @ Atlanta
    Honda RC51 Superbikes examined with the same camera
    Yamaha R7 Superbikes examined with a camera
    Smith okay after second race crash and burn

    Superbike Race Photos
    Chandler had Gas Problems
    Gobert says "No Comment"
    Second Superbike Race Press Conference
    600 Supersport Race Photos
    Superbike Point Standings after Road Atlanta
    Second Race at Atlanta looks sort of the same as first
    Hacking's Wrench on exciting first win
    Formula Extreme @ Rd. Atlanta goes to GSX-R1000
    600 Supersport Press Conference
    600 Supersport results from Road Atlanta
    Morning notes from Road Rain-lanta
    600 Supersport times from morning practice
    Jamie Hacking, where'd he come from?
    Injury updates for DuHamel and Pridmore
    Yates faster than Hayden, Chandler in morning not dry practice
    What caused Go-Show to become Go-Stop?
    Saturday Wet Practice Photos from Atlanta
    Saturday Pre-race & Podium Photos from Road Atlanta

    Jamie Hacking post-race press conference quotes
    Mat Mladin post-race press conference quotes
    Aaron Yates post-race press conference quotes
    Saturday Superbike Action Photos
    Pridmore Breaks Leg
    Mladin Chooses Slick, Goes Quick
    DuHamel Injured Again at Road Atlanta
    Race One Results from Road Atlanta
    Anthony Gobert out of race one with mechanical
    With five to go, there are so many choices ...
    US Superbike drying track practice
    Supersport 600 Qualifying
    Evan's Qualifying Notes
    Superbikes take to track for wet practice
    Wet Superbike race today?
    Mladin comments on Yates, Roberts, DuHamel, etc
    How fast would he go with two broken legs? Mladin on pole, only rider in the 1:22s
    Atlanta native Russell here at Road Atlanta
    Jason Pridmore rumored to have broken collarbone from FE crash
    Sat morning brief notes
    Catching up with Yamaha's Tom Houseworth
    Five Minutes with Kurtis Roberts
    Friday Afternoon Notes from Road Atlanta
    (Lots of) Friday Atlanta Photos

    Friday 600 Afternoon Practice from Road Atlanta
    Honey, did you shave (the track) today?
    First Session Superbike Qualifying from Atlanta
    Top Five Afternoon 250 GP Practice Times
    Nicky Hayden's Morning
    Yates On Top After Morning Practice
    Friday Morning Supersport 600 Practice Times
    Friday Morning 250GP Practice Times
    Friday Morning Superbike Practice Times
    Atlanta Friday Morning Notes
    Live in Atlanta
    Ducati's Troy Bayliss: Working Class Hero
    Only the Strong Shall Survive

    Motorcycle News & Links to speed up your work day, sort of
    Who will win the battle of Atlanta? Readers say Yates!
    American Edwards Predicts Donington Show-Down
    Who will win the battle of Atlanta? Readers say DuHamel!
    Who will win the battle of Atlanta? Readers say Gobert!

    Who will win the battle of Atlanta?
    Confirmed: Ducati founder dead at age 96
    Bruno Ducati Dies?!
    Misano World Superbike testing continues ... 
    VIR event sponsorships still available; why you should care
    Road Atlanta US Superbike Preview
    Misano Test Notes

    Sign up for our e-mail alerts and make your cronies think you're an "Insider"
    Bostrom update: may miss Donington
    Bostrom to miss Misano test
    Yoshimura Suzuki riders okay to do Schwantz school
    It's Time for Mat Mladin to Leave

    Dean's new semi-weekly column: Expletive Deleted

    Final Monza Quote Machine
    Current World Superbike Points
    Monza WSC second race results
    Bostrom sits out second race at Monza
    First Race Results& Update on Ben Bostrom

    Quote Machine Monza SuperPole
    Bayliss puts Ducati Corse bike on the pole @ Monza
    Superbike wrench Al Ludington's book to be published Spring 2002
    Big Speeds at Monza
    Hometown boy Frankie Chili puts GSX-R on top in final qualifying 

    Quote Machine Monza Day One
    Today's web news features nude women forced to ride, and how to dispose of that pesky space-swallowing motorcycle you no longer ride
    Our Free Classifieds Are Here
    Edwards walks away from Monza tumble
    Bayliss and Bostrom 1-2 in Monza Qualifying
    Edwards II fastest in early practice from Monza
    Monza World Superbike Preview

    From 1995: Weekend at Monza
    Castrol Honda WSC Monza Preview
    We surf the web so you don't have to, you busy type-A person you
    Anthony Gobert's Win Record

    AMA test at Calif. Speedway Yields Little Data--Insiders
    Smokey Yunick dies
    Sears Point Index of Photos
    Gobert & Yamaha win Sears Point: how it happened

    Satire by Ohlin: for Atlanta, DuHamel's bike will have movie theme of Charlie's Angels II, be decorated with pics of Cameron Diaz's breasts
    Nicky Hayden gets Sunday Afternoon Fever
    DuHamel suffers setbacks in Sears Superbike race
    Daytona 200 winner Mladin retains points lead
    Yates on Sears Point Third place

    CRA club race at Brainerd attracts Cathcart, Schiebe

    Superbike Race Photos
    Supersport 600 Race Photos
    Photos from Sunday Morning Superbike Warmup
    Tough Victory
    Gobert in Infield Care Facility
    Sears Point US Superbike Results
    250 GP Results
    Oliver crashes out of lead in 250 GP ...
    600 Supersport Race Report
    600 Supersport Results from Sears Point
    Superbike Race Tire Times from Sears Point
    Mathers gets cool retirement job
    250 Sunday Practice Times
    Important news for all the Rich Chambers groupies in the reading audience
    250 Grand Prix Grid
    600 Practice Times from Sears Point

    Saturday Superbike Wallpaper
    Saturday Supersport600 Qualifying Photos
    Notes and Quotes from Superbike Qualifying @ Sears Point Raceway
    Roland Sands wins heat race numbah' two
    Rich Oliver wins heat race numbah' one
    Winner Pridmore is actually younger than he was when he started FE race, thanks to light speed GSX-R1000
    Mladin limps all the way to pole position, Gobert second fastest
    Doyle: 'We're surprised he's riding this well ...'
    Up from the ground came a bubblin' pool ... 
    Noon notes from Sears Point
    Despain off AMA Superbike shows on Speedvision
    250 Notes
    Yates comments on 600 pole
    Aaron Yates on HP4 600 Supersport pole
    The man with the bad foot shows them all what true grit is
    Nicky Hayden struggles on Friday, hopes for better today
    Formula Extreme Qualifying from Sears Point Raceway
    600 Supersport Morning Practice Times
    Saturday Morning photos from Sears Point

    More Sears Point Friday Action Photos
    Yates on top in first qualifying session at Sears Point
    Mladin uses curious riding style to combat foot problems
    Friday Action photos from Sears Point Raceway
    Yoshimura GSX-R600 leads second practice corrected
    Sears Point Friday Images
    R7 mounted Gobert leads first Superbike practice at Sears Point
    Mathers in AMA colors @ Sears
    Top six AMA 250 GP practice times
    Sears Point Friday Morning Notes
    DuHamel leads Sears 600 Practice
    Previous Sears Point Winners (since 1993)
    Ducati announces intention to race Grand Prix in "the future"

    Scoop: Gobert and Hayden to race World Superbike @ Laguna
    Sears Point Pre-Event Notes Edited

    Ducati tests at Sugo
    Truth is sometimes stranger than fiction: Andy Meklau to replace Russell

    News, rumors, stuff you didn't know
    Readers respond to Dorna 2001 story
    After falling at 150 mph at Daytona, Aaron Yates has got to be smiling, now

    Peruse the classifieds and find bikes, jobs and love
    The Quote Machine: Sugo-- Final
    Mark Wernham's Sunday photos from Sugo
    Tamada does not fear potential grass stains on elbows
    These are not the real results, but they are the real notes
    Universal and Honda team up to promote The Mummy Returns
    Sugo Race Two Results
    Sugo Race One Results
    You say Tamada, we say Tomato, anyway, he led morning warm-up

    Tamada, Corser, Benji Boz and others featured in Mark Wernham's photos from Sugo
    Sugo Quote Machine: SuperPole
    Who the Heck is Makoto Tamada?
    Sugo Superpole Results
    Holy Cats! Superpole History is made
    Sugo Final Qualifying

    In Search of Kando
    Local riders push WSC regulars back in qualifying order
    Cabin Honda rider blitzes field with amazing lap time @ Sugo
    Sugo pre-event Quote Machine

    DuHamel:Still the Man by bill heald
    Mladin says that broken ankle/leg that he did/did not have surgery on is okay
    Evan's Sugo WSC Preview
    Whatever blows your skirt up

    All the Grand Prix news you want, for $1500 a month 

    Rumors: they're fun!
    Sears Installs New Pipes
    Alex Gobert impressive in support race at Phillip Island
    The Walking Wounded
    Read it here first: Isle of Man TT Canceled

    Soggy post-event notes from Phillip Island
    Will Corser be fined for Island actions?
    Nick Hayden stays clean

    Bostrom recounts harrowing ride at Island
    Is the Honda problem fixed? Colin Edwards thinks so
    Mark Wernham's images from Phillip Island
    Corser, Edwards, Bostrom and Bayliss from Phillip Island WSC
    Race Two Canceled
    Race One from Drenched Island Results Here
    Rich man's weather

    Satire by Ohlin: Bostrom Scales Transporter; Has Night of Terror
    That infernal Quote Machine
    Doohan holds roof-lowering clinic
    Bostrom on the front row but pining for a wet set-up 
    Bayliss shows brave face after Superpole crash in the wet 
    Edwards decides it's best to leave them in his trousers 
    Inside Report Details EMAP Mag Group Sale 
    The question no one bothered to ask: world champ Edwards on Haga's absence
    Local boy done good: Corser nails fast time in soggy wet qualifying session
    We are not going to die up here. We are not going to die up here. We are not ...
    With rain falling, Bayliss stays on pole in Australia

    Welcome, welcome to (Fantasy) Phillip Island's Quote Machine
    Corser & Bayliss rule the radar gun at Phillip Island
    Edwards swears on his mother's eyes that was a race tire lap
    L&M Ducati rider Ben Bostrom almost on front row
    Talk of the paddock at Phillip Island? Corser's rocketship RSV
    Bayliss and Ducati on provisional pole @ Island
    Phillip Island Podiums: 1990-2000
    Tonight on Survivor: find out who gets voted off (Phillip) Island in the first practice session
    Aprilia WSC and TIM

    Doohan learns going slow in the wet sometimes best policy
    Nicky and Roger Lee to race Houston dirt track this weekend
    Direct from the Isle: Wednesday Never Came
    Duck Ridin' Gardner on the Island
    Aprilia Australian WSC PReview

    We even have news when there isn't any news: DuHamel broken leg rumors false
    Local rider done good: Steve Rapp will try to avenge Sears crash with a win in 2001
    Honda Re-issues Bible
    Ducati Releases First Qtr. Revenues
    Corser's Preview of WSC at PI
    HRC's preview of antics at the Island
    Atlanta Wrap-up

    Polaris news

    Direct from the Isle of Man: news about the tea tea
    Industry news, notes and rumors
    Motorcycle News and Links for today

    Road Atlanta Test Photos 

    NorthWest 200 Canceled 
    Dozers clear the way for better viewing at Sears Point
    HRC and Castrol team in Japan to fix what ails RC51
    When news breaks we fix it. Sign up for our e-mail news alerts here 
    Aaron Yates uses our Free Classifieds; shouldn't you? 
    Do you want to know a secret? Do you promise not to tell?
    Foggy is a Monster

    Road Atlanta test ends with no drama; Yates fastest
    Mladin has operation, will be healthy for Sears Point, according to team 
    Data from 600s speeds up process, gives answers 
    Yates into the 1:23s at Atlanta ... 
    Thursday Morning Notes from Atlanta 
    Notes from the Vampire 

  • Crowbar: don't forget

  • 04.11.01
    Aaron Yates is healing. Quickly. 
    Today's Superbike and 600 lap times from Road Atlanta
    Suzuki's Hacker feels GSX-R is 'equal-enough' to win 600 title
    Americans in France being ignored by snooty French waiters
    Ireland's NorthWest 200 faces possible shut down
    Road Hotlanta Morning Notes 
    Gobert talks about Suzuka try-out
    Schwantz rides Yoshimura Suzuki Superbikes (again)

    Atlanta Day One Supersport 600 Times
    Atlanta Day One Superbike Times
    Road Atlanta Noon Notes
    Oh Mat, Kevin's riding your bike ...
    Road Atlanta Morning Note

    Mladin "can't believe" injury
    Confirmed: Mladin will not ride Atlanta test

    BOMBSHELL: Mladin injured; will miss Atlanta test

    Rapp gets slick, but no teammate for Sears
    Does the end of the two stroke GP era begin today?

    Sell your bike here
    Yes, Virginia, there is a road course 
    Russell's future as Superbike rider in doubt

    Polen to start Ducati rider school?
    Picotte injured in snowmobile crash, may miss Atlanta test
    It beats the glue factory
    Yoshimura Superbikes on the pipe; WSC Suzukis, well ...

    Laguna Seca to change name for seven million dollars?
    Honda and HMC drop out of Atlanta test
    Scoop: Gobert and Haga test Suzuka-spec Yamaha R7

    Edwards denies newspaper report
    From Microsoft to Harley-Davidson
    More Kyalami photos
    To win, one must first finish

    Quote machine II
    Bostrom's progress in WSC
    Championship points after two rounds
    Race two official results
    Race two provisional results here
    Race two to be run without slicks?
    Official first race results from Kyalami, winner quote
    Provisional Race One Results from Kyalami WSC
    Edwards tops Sunday morning race tire practice

    Quote machine
    Saturday action photos from Kyalami
    Bostrom's Ducati stops, then goes
    Corser on his Superpole run from South Africa
    Bostrom takes Superpole, former AMASuperbike riders fill front row 
    Reality, what a concept
    Bostrom hangs on as Corser, Edwards and Hodgson claw back

    Large white dot
    Xaus on crash, Bostrom on fast time
    Corser recovers from small crash but seems to be a step behind
    Hailwood remembered twenty years after his death
    World champ Edwards chases race set-up on RC51
    Ben Bostrom puts L&M Ducati on provisional pole at Kyalami
    World Superbike rule book allows use of second bike in re-starts
    Edwards and RC51 fastest in morning practice in South Africa

    Castrol Honda's Kyalami preview
    Aprilia's Kyalami preview

    E-mail news alert sign ups happen here release on Slight, second riders
    Objective: Catch Corser
    Russell leaves hospital 
    HRC's Kyalami preview
    Rainey books increase in value
    NHRA names Vance to top fifty list
    Peruse the classifieds and find bikes, jobs and love
    I'd like to sell my bike on-line for free or find another worthless employee to "work" at my dealership
    Doug Chandler was Nicky Hayden before Hayden was even born

    Tuesday motorcycle news, links and snide comments
    Slight says he's ready ... for car racing

    Motorcycle news and links 
    Will anyone be able to look at a Ducati Corse cap after this and not think 'Scott's gaping hole'?
    Slight makes it official: will drive instead of ride
    Satire by Ohlin: Oliver, Lawson frighten bikers

    Ferracci wins in Texas

    Suzuki's Yates talks about 140 mph Daytona crash
    Ducati to sell more flashy jackets, caps ala Harley-Davidson
    Ex Bostrom V&H Ducati, Nixon Honda, and more in classifieds
    Troy Corser Preview of Kyalami WSC

    Turn left Kurtis! Left! No, your other left!
    Moodie in the mood for untainted beef, riding on the right side of road
    Read it here first: Russell happy with care in Atlanta

    Photos from the Yamaha Weekend of Champeens, 2001
    Satire by Ohlin: Motorcycle recalled before production started
    Before spending $40 on a print mag ad to find an employee, try our free classifieds
    Read it here first: Russell flies home

    03. 20.01
    Slight out at Ducati; who will be the replacement?
    Chat with former Bimota WSC rider Tardozzi now
    Jim McDermott went to Valencia and took these fo-toes
    Who is the mother of this twin-headed step child from Awe-stralia?

    Will the black and orange see the black and white first soon?
    Russell continues to dodge bullets

    Sign up for our e-mail news alerts here
    Over two hunnert motorcycles for sale here
    More Daytona photos
    Saturday Superbike Cinema

    New Buell on tap for 02?
    Former 200 winner offers solutions to last Sunday's 200
    Tommy Hayden gets good start
    When bad things happen to good people
    Bad info pushes Harley-Davidson stock down
    Mladin and Suzuki's Daytona 200 so good, some suspect Divine Intervention

    More reader mail
    Emde responds to reader mail
    Reader mail
    Scott Russell Update

    Eric Bostrom and a bunch of DNF's saves Kawasaki's bacon
    Nicky Hayden, post race Daytona 200
    Dean Mizdal, post race Daytona 200
    Aaron Slight, post race Daytona 200
    Anthony Gobert, post race Daytona 200


    Superbike press conference transcript
    Gobert dodges bullets
    Satire by His Ohlin-ness: with enough back-up bikes, DNF's are a thing of the past
    More MP3s, photos, and data sheets are here
    Tracy Hagen's photos from Daytona, pt one
    How can it be that ...
    Of zig-zag tape and turbulators
    Honda's Nicky Hayden practices a pit stop. 1.2 meg in QuickTime

    Portal info has been updated
    Injury report on Russell, Roberts, Yates, Hacking, DuHamel, etc
    Official Results for the 2001 Daytona 200 
    Provisional results of the 2001 Daytona 200
    Mid race update from Daytona
    Oliver turns fifty
    Second race results, points, etc from Spain
    Things that make you stop and say, 'what the hell?'
    Sunday morning Superbikes post-practice notes
    Sunday morning Superbike practice times
    Sunday morning pre-practice notes
    Our Daytona info portal has been updated with qualifying times
    A misunderstanding
    Valencia World Superbike Race One Results

    Hear me now, believe me later
    Saturday Night Daytona 200 Preview: can anyone beat Mladin?
    When Honda needs DuHamel to deliver--he does so in a way that warms the cockles
    After Superpole, it's Corser on pole in Spain

    600 Supersport results from front to back
    600 Supersport press conference transcript (edited)
    Pridmore the Master
    250 heat race podium results from Daytona
    Final AMA Superbike qualifying from Daytona
    Friday photos from 'tona
    Jason Pridmore wins 750 Supersport race
    DuHamel does 1:49s but has not yet found a tire that will go more than 14 laps
    Sign up for our e-mail news alerts and know important stuff before others
    AMA Soup Interview: Ben Bostrom
    Aprilia RSV 1000 now legal for AMA Superbike
    Thursday and Friday photos from Daytona Beach Florida
    More than you probably want to know about how much it is sucking in the Ducati camp
    Reg O'Rourke: the man behind the Mladin Steamroller
    Where did Russell qualify in 1996? Who won Daytona in 1971? Most Daytona questions can be answered on our new Daytona portal
    Corser and Aprilia on provisional pole @ Valencia
    Hillary Clinton loves motorcycles
    Xaus leads first practice of 2001 World Superbike Season!

    Those who have not yet worn out their welcome in the motorcycle industry may find their next job here
    Say what?
    Bill Heald asks, will this be a Desmo Daytona?
    Superbike qualifying day one from DIS
    Thursday photos from Daytona
    Rolex pole press conference transcript
    Gobert gets the cheap watch, Mladin gets the real thing
    Mladin talks about his first pole at Daytona
    600 Supersport qualifying times and quotes
    Mladin gets the Rolex
    Mladin on provisional pole
    Duplicity of racing hurts 200
    Chandler opts out of 600 race
    Mladin breaks Gobert's lap record @ Daytona
    You're Szoke-ing in it
    Roberts stays on 600 Supersport pole
    Odd 600 Supersport qualifying goes to Honda
    Morning Superbike: auto-mat-ic
    Newly engaged Hacking wants 600 win at Daytona
    Rome was not built in a day
    List your club's upcoming initiation ceremony and more here
    Castrol Honda quotes from Spain (pre event)
    Thursday AM 600 Supersport practice times
    Wednesday Quotes
    (Very) Early notes
    Gobert counts down the minutes until 600 race begins
    Ducati Corse pre-event  comments from Spain

    More Wed photos
    Afternoon photos by Keith Patti
    Mladin throws down 1:49 to show who can walk the walk
    Satire by Ohlin: Travel Agent mistake puts Ohlin in Dayton, Ohio
    Wed afternoon notes from Daytona
    600 Supersport times from this AM
    Superbike times from this AM
    Wednesday Morning photos from Daytona
    Mat Mladin leaves first session with fast time
    Early Superbike practice notes
    Chandler says thin white line may have been cause of crash
    Ramming Speed! (Animal House)
    Industry employers can find potential employees in our FREE classifieds
    Not the way you want to start your Daytona
    We're live at Daytona

    If you think about it, other than Native Americans, America is fully made up of foreigners
    No Vance and Hines at Daytona 

    You'll stay informed with our news alerts
    Satire by Ohlin: Program story error alters Daytona race distance
    Bring a jacket, and an umbrella, and some sunscreen, and a shovel
    Circ numbers of bike mags released

    Update on Foggy @ Daytona
    Russell wins at Daytona 
    CompAcc not racing F-USA in 2001
    Boring car circuit draws Foggy back in
    Russell already at Daytona
    Friday motorcycle news from around the Web
    Daytona 200 Television Information

    Foggy at Daytona?!
    Ferrari and motorcycles, the forgotten links 
    Soup test 2001 Kawasaki ZX12

    Haney joins OMS
    Aaron Slight @ Willow in photos
    Gobert to Spain (Alex)

    Win gear from Lawson, Mamola and Rainey @ Daytona
    Chris Carter Radio Show Info 'ere
    More Numbers
    Kawasaki drops retail price of ZX-6 & ZX-9 by two hundred smackers

    Honda confirms Japanese scoop
    More Honda in Japan test details
    Mr Smith Goes to Milwaukee
    Scoop: DuHamel, Hayden and Roberts in Japan
    Slight is actually seventy-three

    Hot out of the gate
    2001 AMA Superbike Competition Numbers

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    Reader Mail

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    Mathers retires from American Honda
    Kawasaki images from test in Spain
    Willow test ends for Suzuki 
    Ben Bostrom picks who to win the 2001 AMA Superbike title?
    Fuzz to Daytona

    Suzuki testing at Willow Springs

    Nicky Hayden discovers broken bone in wrist, will ride Daytona
    Schwantz and Suzuki launch new riding school at Road Atlanta
    Chandler on a 600 for Daytona
    Direct from the Indy dealer show floor: don't lube your clutch cable with chain lube
    Yamaha Weekend of Champions details

    Tuesday news and notes

    Wrap up from Valencia, quotes from Bostrom, Akira, etc
    Images from Valencia Test
    To honor President's Day, we interview Aprilia President Ivan Beggio
    Motorcycle news and links
    Bostrom still leads in Valencia

    Ducati Corse quotes from Spain
    Corser and Regis give their final answers
    The rain in Spain falls mainly in the afternoon, forcing everyone back to the hotel early to gag down some "food"
    Benny Boz faaaaaassst in morning session at Valencia

    Ohlin: Harley-Davidson fights Buell's XFL advertising by sponsoring new Fox show: 'Temptation Garage'
    Kawasaki tests in Spain
    Buell and XFL: they deserve each other

    Friday motorcycle news and links
    London newspaper reports on Emap turmoil
    Almost like taking Kando from a baby
    Willow test ends with Rapp, Mladin and Chandler fast

    Even more Aprilia photos from Venice
    (Few) Details on Ducati's GP plans
    Other motorcycle news for today
    MV for sale?
    Willow testing that seems so important to some may in fact be moot point

    Rapp calls in with Willow report
    QuickTime Corse Movie
    Ducati at Willow Springs

    More Ducati Corse Launch Pictures
    Competition Accessories Press Release on Slight and Kocinski
    Soup in Venice at Aprilia team intro: here's the photos
    Domenicali says 175 horsepower in Ducati cases
    Corse's auto gearbox won't be used in 2001
    Ducati suffers through 2000, hopes for better times in 2001
    Aaron Slight's WSC Record

    Corse Launch Images
    Scoop: L&M tobacco to sponsor Bostrom's Ducati
    Slight's got an AMA record already
    AMA Superbike most competitive series in the world?
    BOMBSHELL: Kocinski ousted at Ducati, Slight to replace him

    Greetings from Milan

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    Nearly 200 bikes for sale in our free classifieds
    Friday motorcycle news
    Rain and mud end Aprilia test at Phillip Island
    Waldmann gets Supersport fill in ride
    Becker out at SFX

    Electronic mail will inform you of status
    The daily Slight rumor: today it's cars
    Michelin tests new Superbike and Supersport tires @ Kyalami
    Mathers says rumors of him joining Harley-Davidson are hogwash
    Banked track test planned in June--in Germany
    This is what the Yoshimura Japan GSX-R600 and 1000s'll 
    look like this year
    Sears test canceled

    DuHamel leads active rider list (fixed, Mladin has ten wins)
    Kyalami WSC test report and review
    A little London, a little France, a little seltzer down your pants
    Report: Excelsior-Henderson "may never hit the road again"

    World Championship Turmoil Continues
    Satire by Ohlin: Behold the Franken-bikes
    Rapp chomps at bit
    Tuesday Motorcycle News

    Slight back in World Superbike on privateer Duck?
    Doohan to shift gears

    Motorcycle news for today
    Bimota sale nets brand to Americans?

    AMA release on Edmondson ruling
    You be the judge

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    Suzuki fastest of the four-bangers at Kyalami
    1987 champ Gardner nets Aussie lad NCR Ducati ride
    Benelli Superbike = Yamaha R1
    Enough about women's underwear, let's talk Ben

    Resilient Renfrow announces retirement. Again. 
    Suzuki at Parumph

    Tis' official: Neil leaves 'em Knackered
    Early report: Hodgson puts the hammer down
    Schwantz. Daytona. Chat.
    With an hour to go: It's Hodgson 
    Corser highsides out of Kyalami test

    Corser fast in spite of tummy trouble
    AMA statement on Thornton
    Web site says Thornton never served in 'Nam
    Feelin' Groovy
    Bayliss and Bostrom step up in Africa

    Corser suffers from the dreaded 'Africa Spins'
    Having Xaus sacrifice bird does nothing to improve Ducati's day in South Africa
    Edwards still fastest at Kyalami
    Five minutes with Yamaha's Tommy Hayden
    Oh, they've been busy

    Bluer than blue
    Bayliss and Bostrom from South Africa
    Sears Point test ends with water on surface
    Where's Troy Corser?
    Bostrom crashes in South Africa (fixed)
    Edwards tops day one in South Africa
    From Castrol: Question and Answer with Tad Okada
    Monday motorcycle news
    Laguna testing times updated
    Satire by Ohlin: Mathers to race 2001 Gold Wing in Formula Extreme
    Ben Bostrom's secret weapon

    Meanwhile, back at the racetrack ...
    Gobert motorhome for sale
    Interview, Harley-Davidson Director of Racing, John Baker
    Press release from Harley regarding Superbike team

    Test notes from Kyalami

    Pegram to freeze his worm off--youch!
    Thursday Wallpaper from Laguna Seca

    Thursday photos from Laguna Seca
    Wednesday photos from Laguna Seca
    It's not the years, it's the miles
    Bikes are on track at Laguna Seca 
    Thursday motorcycle news
    Who among us remembers those two lovable magpies: 
    Eckl and Jeckle?

    Gobert steps up at Laguna Seca
    Wednesday movies from Laguna Seca
    HMC Ducati for sale on eBay

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    Edwards and Okada's quotes and non-quotes from South Africa
    Honda homeland belt tightening
    Cable television use in Monterey hotel rooms very high right now
    Scheibe leaves Harley
    Smith's cure for cold hands (mpg movie 1.3 mg)

    Day Two Laguna Seca Images
    Rain, now
    Jamie Hacking on Schwantz, Yoshimura and Yamaha
    Not Wet Yet
    Laguna Seca Test Notes
    Laguna Seca Wallpaper
    Suzuki's Telemetry in Pictures

    Laguna Seca Images - Page 2
    Laguna Seca Images - Page 1
    Mladin and Chandler fast at Laguna Seca
    Mathers to retire, then do Daytona
    Doohan at Supercross
    DuHamel absence explained
    Sun in sky, teams ready to roll @ Laguna Seca Interview: Suzuki's Jamie Hacking
    Weather @ Laguna looks not so very good
    Laguna Seca test this week

    Romboni and NCR team up for World Supersport
    Harry Gant, Mladin, Hacking or Yates will win the title according to these bright and knowledgeable fans Interview: Gary Medley, the first chapter

    Satire by Ohlin: Picasso to pen design for new Ducati Superbike
    One reader predicts that Ohlin Metzler will be 2001 AMA Soup champeen

    2001 World Superbike entry list
    Goddard and Benelli in 2001
    Top five selling sport bikes of 99-2000 selling season in US were ...
    Traction control will save lives (of tires)

    Costa in chat room
    More picks by the smartest and best smelling readers on the Internet
    Thursday motorcycle news

    Or Roberts, Russell or Yates
    Gobert, Mladin, DuHamel and even Crevier will be the 2001 AMA Superbike champion according to these fans

    Reader mail 2000
    Your turn to predict 01 Superbike winner
    Honda GP four stroke will be five cylinder says Ryder
    Yamaha forecasts 2.2 million in global bike sales in 2001

    VR1000s to test in California
    Williams picks Roberts to win 01 AMA Superbike title
    Goddard tests Tornado
    Rare unshaven GSX-R600 sighted

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    Pano-vision of Laguna Seca

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    Attention geek-zillionares: view the world in non fluorescent lighting and you'll discover we already have scooters
    Larry Lawrence gives history lesson amidst picking 2001 champ

    Who will win the 2001 Chevy Trucks AMA Superbike championship?

    That sound you hear in the background is Larry Maiers' heart breaking
    Hacking moves couch, says ouch

    Kihachiro Kawashima dies
    The price of progress is that some people get angry
    Print is dead? saga continues
    Can Bayliss replace Foggy?

    Doug Meyer on if print is dead and what ails motorcycle magazines in 2001
    Gobert talks title

    More from readers who love/hate print magazines and why

    Ex-TBR Honda RC30 for sale

    Satire by Ohlin: All 2001 AMA races to have themes
    More readers respond to Heald's story

    Readers respond to print is dead mantra

    God. Rocket.
    Bazzaz climbs through racing's infamous carbon fiber ceiling
    Rapp to lay on table while Ting works his magic

    Pegram says goodbye to rod (in his leg)
    Ben. You are being followed.

    Gives new meaning to 'blows your doors off'
    Hayden brothers and Fast Eddie in Canada, eh
    Motorcycle news for Tuesday
    Where have all the readers gone? interview Nicky Hayden

    Older News is here


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