Old Stock Motocoourse & Other Books For Sale

We sold Motocourse for many years through Superbikeplanet and as you might imagine there are remainders from the less popular years.

These Motocourse are all in good condition. I would not say they are in a new condition but they have been in a shipping box for decades in some cases.

Prices for Motocourse are $30 each plus insured shipping.

The Yamaha Two Stroke Bible is in Japanese and includes seemingly 85 million photos of every two-stroke sport bike Yamaha made. They could have easily made this into a DVD. $25 plus insured shipping.

Lastly is Phil Schilling's Motorcycle book. For a long time it was a rare book but copies are popping up now. It includes an uncredited story by Kevin Cameron on the life of a mechanic, and also a profile (by Phil I assume) of 1969 250 world champion Kel Carruthers. The dust jacket on this one is not in great shape. $40 plus shipping.

All orders come with stickers and whatever else we happen to have laying around when the order is filled.

Contact: superbikeplanet@gmail.com ATTN TOBY/Books.
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