Has Anybody, Truly, Ever Wanted To Go To Willow Springs?
Anyway it's for sale
Assuredly Willow Springs Raceway has fans. Do I know any? I'm sure I do; I just can't seem to come up with any right now.

Willow will never be mistaken for racetracks like —Road America, Sears Point, Barber, Laguna Seca or CotA. Where those tracks offer picturesque sight lines, Willow can offer a really interesting selection of spiders.

There can be good days at Willow Springs; if the wind isn't blowing and it's not either too hot or too cold then it's a very acceptable racetrack. What Willow does offer is that it is a safe track and it (can be) a short driving distance from Southern California. Because of the latter all of the Japanese motorcycle companies have used the facility for testing. It used to be said that any rider who could go fast at Willow Springs could go fast anywhere.

Willow is located in the desert and when the wind is howling and the temperature is in triple digits it is a near ultimate test of man and machine.

The Huth family have owned Willow for decades and their relationship with race teams and manufacturers is the stuff of legend. At one time getting access to the track was only a phone call away. 'We'd like to try a new swingarm. When is the track available?' Answer: 'Can you be here in the morning?'

However it sounds like they have had enough and have put the track up for sale.

— ends —
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