Eddie & The Orange Cone at the King's YSR Track
He is as smooth as a pool table and near-perfect

Would King Kenny Roberts have an addition made to his driveway so as to build a short YSR50 racetrack?


This video was shot in the 1980s at the Roberts ranch in Hickman, California. Roberts, John Kocinski and Wayne Rainey flog their modified YSR50s around the track in anger but the star of the show is four-time world champion Eddie Lawson. Ever the horsepower addict, Eddie brought his YZ80-powered YSR to the King's party. Eddie's bike is a fierce beast to behold but what really stands out is Lawson's graceful and elegant riding. He is as smooth as a pool table and near-perfect. His transition around the orange cone chicane should be shown in new racer schools everywhere.

It's a well-known story: Lawson was raised by his racer grandfather, Chuck Long, and his dad, Ray Lawson to ride and race motorcycles while avoiding a crash. Riding over your head was not allowed and a big crash could be reason for them to tell him to load the bike up, that they were going home. So, Eddie learned to be very fast and smooth without crashing.
— ends —
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