For Sale: 1984 Yamaha RZ500, Big carbs, Toomey Pipes, New Yamaha Bodywork with Ultra-rare factory Race Stand
It's Time For Someone Else To Own The Fully Restored Tracy Hagen RZ500

This 1984 Yamaha RZ500 was purchased new in Canada by the late Tracy Hagen. He brought it across the border and rode it on the street before his job took him to Thailand and Japan for multi-year jaunts.

After my friend passed away I acquired the bike. Over 36 months it underwent a complete and total cranks-up, frame-up, axles-up restoration. Through Bob Starr at Yamaha USA I was able to acquire many new RZ500 engine parts from Yamaha Canada, USA and Japan. Many, many times a personal search was made in the old parts bins for items such as the very last molded fuel lines, genuine Yamaha gaskets, petcocks or the like which had been out of stock for a decade but a personal search found parts.

The engine is on the original stock bore with new rings, con rods, crank bearings and crank seals and etc. YCIS is rebuilt, functional and operates like new. New oil lines etc.

The fuel tank is original to the bike and has been cleaned and treated. New Yamaha petcocks are mounted underneath.

Original brake calipers were rebuilt and restored with new parts, wheels stripped and painted the proper gold, new wheel bearings, steering head bearings, swingarm bearings were fitted and the OEM shock re-painted. The frame was stripped and re-painted the proper silver color. The upper fairing cage and sub frame were stripped and repainted.

The serial number for this motorcycle is very low: 187.

While at the Suzuka 8 Hours in the 1990s Tracy purchased brand new Yamaha upper fairing, wind screen, LHS fairing, RHS sidecover, rear tail and etc. They have never been mounted on any motorcycle. The front fender is original to the bike and is in great shape. The brand new lower cowl is red.

Tracy and I had been friends since he purchased this RZ500, I saw it run and knew what his eventual plans were for the machine I added the Bill Wilson Mikuni carb kit and a set of very rare Toomey pipes. This is how Tracy planned to finish the bike.

The finished engine was mounted in the restored frame last November and it started on the fifth kick. RS125 racer and two-stroke tech head Willy Ivins did the final engine assembly and start. We prepped it for storage and put it in a safe, climate-controlled garage. Venhill brake lines (including factory anti-dive) were mounted on the final day we worked on it but fluid was not added as it was going in storage.

It has a Minnesota title in my name, two keys, the owners manual, service manual, the rare battery strap, tool kit and tank "hold-up" hook wire. It also has the absolutely very rare factory RZ500 rear race stand.

I never intended to keep this motorcycle--I already have an RZ500. My desire was to put this machine in the highest condition that my friends and I could muster, add the cool carbs and Toomey pipes and then release it back in the world as a Tracy Hagen motorcycle.

$33,000 or best reasonable offer.

Shipping can be arranged at buyers expense.

Please, do not tell me to contact the vanity auction site in order to sell this bike.
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