Vintage Superbike Moments: Monochrome Memories
Black and white film was the reality in the old freelance days. Cheap to buy, cheap to process & print it was just the thing for those who had to sleep in their car at the track.
'No, you ain't gittin' a chair, sit down
John Britten's novel fork design. Usual
Dirt tracker Jay Springsteen raced a ver
Ducati before Ferracci, even. Rino Leoni
The first computer laptops hit the pit l
Future MotoGP stand in Wataru Yoshikawa
'"We're no strangers to love ...' In the
Shawn Renfrow decides that he'll let Gar
With an 'interesting interpretation of t
The always photogenic Niall Mackenzie, D
World champion Korkie Ballington, ex GP
You want a bent RC45 wheel to bring back
Mr. Daytona. Mr. Brother in law then ex-
Daytona 200 winner Dave Sadowski tested
Things were much looser at Yamaha in the
Jamie James and Tom Kipp's Yamaha YZF750
Images by Dean F. Adams
— ends —
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