2024 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R 40th Anniversary Edition

As seen in Japan:

Ninja ZX-10R 40th Anniversary Edition

To celebrate the Ninja’s 40th anniversary, the Ninja ZX-10R—the pinnacle of the entire Ninja lineup—receives a special livery in the style of the classic ZXR series, which was the cornerstone of the modern Ninja family. From the recreation of the distinctive three-coloured (white/blue/green) design to the retro graphics, matching the design to the fairings has been carefully considered. The 40th Anniversary sticker on the fuel tank features a “champion logo” style design reminiscent of the racing scene during the ZXR series’ heyday. Styling cues connected to the ZXR series can be seen throughout the machine, including the silver frame and swingarm and Lime Green wheels. This is a high-performance sport model that embodies the Kawasaki racing spirit that has been carried on to the present day.
Check it out, my 1994 ZX7 is almost back in vogue again. Anybody got the missing Kawasaki decal for the fairing?

My son, John, my friend Derek and I bought this bike AT MIDNIGHT in North Minneapolis many, years ago. Remind me to write that story.
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ZX7 has the "I beat" edition tank ....
— ends —
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