Ski Story #11

Ski was irrefutable. I never saw him lose any kind of argument or discussion

He was always right, even when he wasn't. There is the popular story of Ski meeting tennis player Andre Agassi either at a race (Agassi went through a motorcycle period in the 1990s) or at an ESPN studio in Atlanta. Ski proceeded to corner Agassi and talk tennis. Ski mentioned that he'd been watching him play and offered some tips on his serving and also his backhand. "See, you're doing it wrong when you do that," Ski told him with serious conviction. Try this, try that, Ski continued.

Agassi seemed to be really considering Ski's advice and finally got around to inquiring at what level Ski played tennis.

"I've never played tennis," Ski told him.

Is the Agassi/Ski story true? Who knows? But what we do know for sure is that no one, absolutely no one, who knew Ski would doubt that he would approach Andre Agassi and offer some expert advice on how to win at the top level in tennis without ever playing the game himself.
— ends —
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