Welcome Home King Kenny
a person who can't be named

King Kenny Roberts has always enjoyed a special relationship with the people of Japan. Famously when he broke his back in pre-season testing in Japan the hospital had post someone at the door to his room to prevent locals from coming in the room, bowing endlessly, giving him pencil and pen kits as gifts and wanting him to pose for photos (which is truly the top of the list thing you want to do when you're in traction). And these fans were not run of the mill local race fans THEY WERE COMPRISED OF THE HOSPITAL MEDICAL STAFF.

Kenny and his wife, Tomo, returned today from a trip to Japan where they saw friends and family.

In the pic above Kenny and friends posed a few days ago in Japan. See that guy to the right of the King? That's Hirotoshi Honda; Mr. Honda's son. Even he has to have his photo taken with King Kenny Roberts.
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