Happy 70th Birthday Gary Medley!
Med' when checked bell-bottoms were work attire.

It's crewchief and mechanic Gary Medley's 70th birthday today.

Medley's many riders had this to say to him:

Scott "Mr Daytona" Russell: "Happy birthday Gary! We won some races together didn't we? I'll never forget Daytona and the win at Suzuka! Have a good day buddy!"

Doug Chandler: "Happy birthday, Med'. You're now officially an old fart!"

Ben Bostrom: "Next time let me know what the plan is, okay? Happy birthday!"

Friends can reach Medley at Medleygary5@gmail.com

Muzzy Kawasaki team owner Rob Muzzy: "Happy Birthday Gary! Thanks for all your hard work."
— ends —
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