Stuff that Happened In The Dorna/Liberty Press Conference
also included at no additional charge an interview with Carmelo regarding Laguna and Indy
Brian Jay
Soup thinks that in a short sprint race, Carmelo Ezpeleta, CEO of Dorna since 1994, at age 78, would smoke both these other guys. Easily.
There was a press conference held this morning at CotA regarding the Liberty take over of MotoGP. On the podium were Carlos Ezpeleta, Carmelo Ezpeleta and Dan Rossomondo.
  • Carmelo is at least 78 years old. He is in phenomenal physical and mental shape. He climbed the stage like a 30 year old and answered questions like a senior partner in a successful law firm who still comes to work every day. It's damn impressive.

  • The phrase of the press conference was, obviously, "subject to regulatory clearances and approvals".

  • Sure, there is a deal for Liberty to buy Dorna and MotoGP, WSBK, Moto2 and all the rest, but there seems to be reasonable doubt that at least in the EU that this deal will be rubber-stamped. Especially given the recent news in the Financial Times that Liberty wasn't the high bidder for Dorna.

  • Again, sure, every brainless TV presenter is predicting the Liberty transaction as the dawn of a new era of great things for MotoGP, but the deal is far from being finalized.

  • There was no one from Liberty in the press conference.

  • It looked very much like Carmelo was off from the presser to have a meeting with MotoAmerica men Wayne Rainey and Chuck Aksland. Quick! Buy MotoA stock!
    When someone in the media asked about the Liberty deal being "subject to regulatory clearances and approvals", in the middle of the question, Carmelo nodded to Carlos for him to answer this question, presumably with an answer prepared in advance.

  • The agreement will not be finalized until the end of the year, or later.

  • Carmelo said that the total number of races will be fixed on the calendar until at least 2026.

  • In the future, in the Liberty era, Carmelo suggested that there will be less races in Europe and more races in the USA.

  • Former NBA marketing guy Dan Rossomondo (Possibly coolest last name in motorbike racing) said that hard core MotoGP fans don't have to worry about the sport being modified in order to get more mainstream fans, that what Liberty will probably do is just widen the base by putting it in front of more potential hard core fans.

  • Carmelo said that the cooperation that grew between Dorna, the paddock and the manufacturers during the pandemic was an important time. It bolstered an already strong relationship between the stakeholders in MotoGP.

  • Not one question, not one word, was mentioned regarding World Superbike in the presser aside from Carmelo stating that the sale included WSBK.
    Herewith a short interview of Carmelo I "conducted" outside the press conference.
    Dean: Okay, so you say that you are going to have more races in the United States in the future.

    Carmelo: Yes.

    Dean: Okay, where?

    Carmelo: We are very happy here at CotA. It is a beautiful circuit and we have a good relationship with CotA.

    Dean: Okay, in order to have more races in the United States you will need more tracks. Where will these races be held? I seriously doubt MotoGP riders will ride at, for example, Brainerd.

    Carmelo: We're very happy here at CotA.

    Dean. Ah, okay. Again you're going to need to go to different tracks in order to have more races in the United States.

    Carmelo: Yes.

    Dean: Do you see a return to Laguna Seca if the track can be made to better fit homolagation?

    Carmelo: No. Never.

    Dean: Then how about the Indianapolis Motor Speedway?

    Carmelo: No. Never.


  • It looked very much like Carmelo was off from the presser to have a meeting with MotoAmerica men Wayne Rainey and Chuck Aksland. Quick! Buy MotoA stock!
  • another stellar Dean phone pic
    As they were off to their meeting, Carmelo picked up Chuck Aksland (right) and draped him over his back like a cape. Then he sprinted to the meeting place. Fine he didn't.
    — ends —
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