Daytona 1993: Yamaha Meets Mr. Muzzy... the story of the unobtanium variable-venturi Mikuni flat-slides
“Yeah, I did protest their bike because the carbs on Eddie’s bike were illegal,” Muzzy remembers and states plainly.
Yes the 1993 Lawson Yamaha was outfitted with a data-acquisition system. For two CCS sessions. The team suspected it was causing issues in the wiring harness and tore it off. No matter. "Eddie was better than any data-acquisition system, he could tell you more about the bike in one practice than a week of practice with any other rider. He could tell you how the bike squirmed when it encountered a crack in the pavement running parallel to the wall. Other riders wouldn't even know there was a crack there." --Dale Rathwell, suspension engineer.
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