The Disappearing Act: (Not) Unraveling the Mystery of Only Fans and Warhorse Ducati
Updated March 15
Do you want to feel like a friendless, paddock leper?

Then do as I did and just start asking around MotoAmerica as to what happened to Warhorse Ducati's season-long sponsorship package with Only Fans. Warhorse held a gala sponsor unveiling earlier this year with the Only Fans logo large and in charge on the sides of Herrin and Baz's Superbikes. The team were to run the Only Fans colors in the Daytona 200. Only Fans were going to be on the bikes as a season-long sponsor. Now they gone. No one will say anything on or off the record about what happened. Most will not even reply.

What did happen is that the Only Fans emblazoned bikes were hit hard with the logo-eraser on Thursday morning at Daytona and they were never seen again.

Since nobody wants to talk about why that happened or if the Only Fans logo will be back on the bikes at the next round in the same large and in charge branding, here's the three best rumors circulating as to why the Only Fans fairing panels were removed at Daytona.

1. Mr. Jim France, who owns the Daytona International Speedway, sent word down from the tower that those Only Fans logo'd motorcycles will not be doing anything other than sitting in a very dark locked garage stall as long as they have those panels on their chassis. Without putting too fine a point on it, this would not be the first time that Jim has had to help people understand that when he says something that it's not a discussion. It's the way it is.

Also, keep in mind Jim France and DMG still own the rights to AMA roadracing. MotoAmerica operates the series under a license agreement with Jim and DMG. Look it up. MotoAmerica's mobile phones do work! They contacted Soup to say that the AMA clawed back the roadrace portion of the sale to DMG and Dingman and co now own it. They use it under license to the AMA.

2. Next: Audi, which I am told is a car company that has some ownership in Ducati, had someone at Daytona that saw the bikes and they called Audi HQ and squealed. Audi called Bologna. Bologna sent word to Daytona that War Horse will remove the Only Fans logos or they can go back to the level of support where they only get used gaskets and the buggy old software.

3. MotoAmerica said we're afraid Only Fans doesn't really fit with our family friendly image. So be gone or else. Only Fans countered by suggesting that they are not just a way for people to earn money by having sex, they're a TV network. MotoAmerica said uh, no.

Finally, yes, trust us, yes, we know that over the years adult web sites have sponsored race teams, and that adult cinema has been shot at the racetrack. Please, please, tell someone else what you witnessed or heard about. Not us.

— ends —
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