The Centurian: In 2013 Marc Marquez Stood The World On Its Ear at CotA
Keith Patti
Just before Daytona in 2013 Marc Marquez tested at CotA. He dominance of the test, his prowess on the Honda and his unmistakable charisma showed anyone who bothered to look that he was the future of MotoGP racing. Here he goes out for the first time. He is focused and ready to achieve his destiny.
Keith Patti
Stoner had developed the Honda into a complete MotoGP weapon. No one thought that Marquez could quickly match Stoner's pace but Marquez obliterated all of Stoner's records. Almost overnight Stoner was made irrelevant.
Keith Patti
At the test schoolboy Marc went missing. Honda went looking for him all over CotA. Strip bar? Did he have a girl in a motorhome? Did he go to In-N-Out? We finally found him upstairs in the CotA office building, transfixed, watching Supercross on a small TV. "I love Supercross!" he said. "Can I watch for five more minutes?"
Keith Patti
Marc easily wore the elbow pads off his leathers at CotA.
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