Kenny Roberts & Junior Sell Championship GP Bikes To Barber Museum
Dave Ryan
Here at CotA today both of the Roberts championship bikes and championship humans were on display.

King Kenny Roberts and Kenny Roberts Junior have sold their championship Grand Prix racing bikes to the Barber Museum. A small ceremony was held here today at CotA MotoGP.

Roberts Senior has owned his 1978 Yamaha since '78. Junior's 2000 RgV500 has been in a glass case since late 2001.

Both are authentic "as raced" motorcycles.

The pair sold the bikes and other assorted items to the Barber Museum in Alabama. It's suggested that the Barber museum will create a Roberts family display room for the recently acquired motorcycles.

There are rumors all over the paddock regarding the amount dairy heir George Barber paid for the Roberts package. $3 million is the current rumored price tag.

Roberts Junior said that they wanted the bikes to be in a place where fans could enjoy them.

Additionally it's known that renown bike builder/race mechanic John Figas is building a replica of King Kenny Roberts' Suzuki X-6 Hustler dirt track bike as well. Roberts rode the 1970s Suzuki in his first races as a teen.
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