Soup's This Week's Greatest Racing Photo Ever Taken: Gene Romero Wins The Daytona 200
Image by Gary the Vee

American Gene Romero moments after he rolled his Yamaha into victory circle in the 1975 Daytona 200.

Why is the single greatest photo taken (this week, anyway)?

Romero, easily one of the most charismatic racers ever.

The Camel cigarette in his mouth and carton of Camels being handed to him by Camel exec. Camel basically owned the Daytona 200 in this era. Even in the 1970s seemingly everyone smoked cigarettes. In the 1970s some doctors advised women to smoke while pregnant so as to not gain too much weight while their body created a new human being. And or take diet pills.

The unending waves of 1970s hair on everyone in the photograph. Plus the gaudy 1970s mens jewelry.

Romero's signature eye black grease which he used to reduce glare in the Florida sun.

Image by Gary the Vee.
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