Gina Bovaird, Rob Rasor & Mladin Get Their Shot at AMA Hall of Fame. Eraldo Ferracci Isn't Even on the Ballot!
These are the people who now get their shot to be in the clearly clueless AMA Hall of Fame.

Meanwhile Eraldo Ferracci, who is a racing legend and ran a team that won multiple World Superbike championships and AMA Superbike championship is no longer even on their hopelessly clueless AMA Hall of Fame ballot.

Also, that former racer Gina Bovaird has to be slipped in on the non-competiton ballot is either so wonderfully poetic or wildly bizarre it beggars belief.

This is exactly why the new Hot Shoe Hall of Fame has grown so quickly in recent years. It's not run by idiots who will slide in somebodys mom or somebody's son or somebody's dad at the expense of a true legend like Ferracci.

I've said it before but when that AMA renewal form comes in the mail tear it up and throw it away. Don't support them financially.

— ends —
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